• Co:LAB Festival 2019: Grieve, Breathe, Smile, Repeat

  • Fri, 21-06-2019 at 20:30
  • Royal Exchange Theatre
    St Ann's Square
    M2 7DH Manchester
Co:LAB Festival 2019: Grieve, Breathe, Smile, Repeat - Royal Exchange Theatre - Manchester

Created by: SHAR X Conan The LibrarianWhen did you last miss me?My birthday?Christmas?Mother’s Day? This is about grieving for people who are still alive. Someone who is here is in body but not in spirit - maybe someone who chose to leave? or someone suffering from mental illness or addiction?What do you call that? Where is it’s place?Stand and be enveloped in a live electronic score and exhilarating live video DJing in an audio-visual experience through the seven stages of grief, with you stood at the heart of it.More rave than installation, more soulful than cerebral and something more than “I miss you”. Visit the Co:LAB Festival 2018 homepage for more events in the festival: https://www.royalexchange.co.uk/whats-on-and-tickets/colab-festival-2019Co:LAB festival is part of Open Exchange.