• Kinsey Presents - Curly Mouth's Wake

  • Fri, 31-05-2019 at 19:00
  • Sound Food and Drink
    52 Duke Street
    L1 5AA Liverpool
Kinsey Presents - Curly Mouth's Wake - Sound Food and Drink - Liverpool

On 20th March 2018, Curly Mouth sadly passed away aged 38. A hostile stranger, a creepy friend but a tender lover. His death will be mourned by all those who admired him and celebrated by those who awkwardly encountered him during one of his many bad trips.Following the release of his 2018 album 'Peace, Love and Septicaemia', C. Mouth tragically died from a tramadol overdose. Ever since he has been writing songs in a post mortem state. Following the release of his 'Post Mortem Depression' album Mr. Mouth feels that in order to finally move on from this post mortem state to the afterlife, he must perform this deadly album at his wake in Sound Basement, Duke Street at 7PM on Friday 31st May.Joining Curly Mouth in this celebration of life and death:The Blurred Sun Band - Liverpool's well revered jazz-fusion boy band bring a fuzzy warmth to proceedings, expect tightly engineered grooves, tighter drum fills and an even tighter moustache. https://open.spotify.com/track/01lsqHSoIAN7Tpgh8ho0jE?si=FyDG9xR8RXiX7TD-17gtYAJaffro - A multi-instrumentalist currently studying music in London. Jaffro performs very imaginative and heartfelt electronic music often with complex time signatures and wailing synth sounds. Despite the intense electronic sound he finds a way to channel the folk music of south Wales where he grew up. https://open.spotify.com/track/5tPXVzLxRMMFEtpDinyJLG?si=4l1rUPdFQM2ikpa6xy1lLgKinsey House Band - The Kinsey Palace has regurgitated and compiled members from Curly Mouth, Jaggedy Ants and Them Heavy Wigs to form a super group known for making the elderly weep.https://soundcloud.com/user-37760224/kinsey-vol1-ladyTickets on skiddle - https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Liverpool/SOUND-Basement-/Kinsey-Presents---Curly-Mouths-Wake/13521241/£3 OTDListen to Curly Mouth - Post Mortem Depression here https://open.spotify.com/album/6r1BNHUm9vVlqtN84lm51N?si=uAy5r2jERKqJhP8pp_otWg