• BLG Promotions presents: Brushy One String + Dubi Dolczek

  • Wed, 22-05-2019 at 19:30
  • The Crofters Rights
    117-119 Stokes Croft
    BS1 3RW Bristol
BLG Promotions presents: Brushy One String + Dubi Dolczek - The Crofters Rights - Bristol

BLG Promotions Present:Brushy One String: Official Facebook Fan PageBrushy One StringIn a society where talent abounds and opportunity is scarce, a genuinely unique and courageous underground artist fights to rise up from obscurity into the pages of history...This is Andrew Chin—a.k.a. Brushy One String—the son of the late great Freddie McKay, one of Jamaica's most renowned artists. Like his father, Brushy has reached the hearts of many through the power of original song, fascinating audiences since he was a child with only a ONE STRING GUITAR! Established in Jamaica where he is revered by both young and old, financial success and professional management have eluded Brushy, until now.This talented and endearing artist was featured in the award-winning documentary RiseUp, directed by Luciano Blotta. Due to an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm and encouragement from fans, RiseUp Entertainment is now managing Brushy and building his worldwide fan base.With a newly released riveting studio album entitled “Destiny,” Brushy is already creating a buzz in the States, catching the attention of music listeners everywhere with his rich bluesy melodies and distinctive lyrics. With a soulful voice and infectious guitar melodies, Brushy “soothes souls and rough hearts” as he continues to perform from Jamaica to a worldwide growing audience.Dubi DolczekSupport comes from Bristol's own Dubi DolczekSeminal historian, daring pilot, intrepid explorer, pan-galactic mercenary, inappropriate cat-whisperer, musician.