• Ginger Bugs and Fizzy Drinks

  • Sat, 08-06-2019 at 14:00
  • Vault Artist Studios
    4-84 Tower Street
    BT5 4FH Belfast
Ginger Bugs and Fizzy Drinks - Vault Artist Studios - Belfast

Fizzy, thrist quenching soda pop.I am not talking of the unhealthy versions of coke and sprite which promise diabetes and tooth decay, I mean natural fermented drinks containing beneficial enzymes and probiotics to boost health. It's a birthright.Nature knows and for hundreds of years cultures around the world have made various forms of naturally fermented fizzy drinks. These aren't alcoholic either. You bet we would have heard of them if they were!They are all thanks to the wild yeasts and beneficial bacteria, captured in water and nourished with sugar to create what is called a GINGER BUG. This starter culture that will turn any fruit juice or sweetened herbal tea into a lightly fermented, naturally bubbly probiotic beverage.Join us to explore the wonders of creating your own ginger bug and try some delIcious drinks which you could be making very soon.I wouldn't be without them this summer.Please bring a clean jar with you to the event. All other ingredients will be provided.CULTURED CLUB MEMBERS can check in via the on line memerbship to access their discount.