• Thrashist Regime / Wound / Attack Pattern Delta + Neon Lounge

  • Sat, 15-02-2020 at 20:00
  • Krakatoa
    2 Trinity Quay
    AB11 5AA Aberdeen
Thrashist Regime / Wound / Attack Pattern Delta + Neon Lounge - Krakatoa - Aberdeen

NON TICKETED GIGGIG 8pm-11pm £5 (£4 student) KRAKATOA proudly presents: SAT 15TH FEBTHRASHIST REGIME WOUNDATTACK PATTERN DELTATHRASHIST REGIME:www.facebook.com/thrashistregime/Beasting thrash from the north of Scotland. Their Second album ‘Carnival of Monster’ has had killer reviews and is out now! Here’s what the critics said about it:"Absolutely no filler... an album of flawless thrash metal that delivers on so many levels... quite simply an incredible album" 10/10 - All About The Rock"The benchmark Thrash album for 2018... brilliant and vibrant thrash metal" 9.5/10 - Blessed Altar ZineA fuckin’ King Kong of an album, a Godzilla-sized thrash monster... a simply sublime slab of thrash. Thrashist Regime have delivered a stone-cold modern classic” 9/10 - Worship Metal"Joyful aggression at its finest... an absolute delight for fans of thrash both old and new. Carnival Of Monsters is an unmissable pleasure" 8/10 - Pure Grain Audio"Carnival of Monsters presses all the right buttons. Think Testament with a sense of humor" 4/5 - Heavy Music HQWOUND:www.facebook.com/WOUNDscotland/"Aberdeen’s only reluctant grindcore band." Apparently, they're a Hardcore/Powerviolence Band "whether we like it or not."ATTACK PATTERN: DELTA:www.facebook.com/ATTACKPD/Attack Pattern Delta; a band forged within the embers of a long-dead star, have finally arrived to take over planet Earth with glorious Metal tones.Their pounding soul-eating riffs are complimented only by the catchiness of their melodies, capable of tearing hearts apart and splitting galaxies in two.No man, woman nor child will be able to steel themselves against the onslaught of true Rock that will befall them.FOLLOWED BY11pm - 3am NEON LOUNGEA nocturnal refuge for the free spirited, an incandescent Dionysian antidote to clubbing.See you here! #discovertiki #divebarNEON LOUNGE 11pm - 3am [admission free]See you here! #discovertiki #divebar