• The Nuisance Inspector - Evening

  • Tue, 03-12-2019 at 19:00
  • York Explore Library and Archive
    York Central Library
    YO1 7DS York
The Nuisance Inspector - Evening - York Explore Library and Archive - York

Experience a sinister slice of York’s history by joining us for a live retelling of the drama behind the Hungate Clearances.It is the 1930s and York’s newest Health Inspector encounters more than he bargains for in the mysterious and extraordinary alleys and yards of Hungate.A strange body in the Foss, ghostly goings-on in Carmelite Street and an unlikely romance all feature in this moving tale of love, loss and community spirit.Based on real events and inspired by letters, maps, books and photographs from the civic archives, The Nuisance Inspector uses drama, comedy and live music to transport you into a powerful and poignant past.Prepare to be immersed…Tickets are FREE