• Raku Firing workshop

  • Thu, 26-03-2020 at 18:30
  • Eastcott Studios
    28 Eastcott Hill
    SN1 3JG Swindon
Raku Firing workshop - Eastcott Studios - Swindon

RAKU is an exciting, fast firing method which produces unique, individual effects on the pots being fired.You start with a pre-fired pot (ie: bisque), the pot is decorated with RAKU glazes then placed into a special RAKU kiln.Once the piece is literally red hot and glowing, it is carefully lifted from the kiln and placed into a container with combustible materials where it will burst into flames. The lid is replaced on the container forcing out the oxygen and slowly putting out the fire but allowing the smoke effects to add to the process.Having cooled the piece down it is then taken from the container and plunged into water. All that is left is to then scrub off the carbon and reveal your amazing finish... no two pieces are ever the same and there is absolutely no way of knowing exactly how your piece will look! IMPORTANT - please note that due to the nature of this type of firing, we cannot guarantee all pots will survive, occasionally pots may crack or break during firing! There are no refunds for any broken pots.You have two options with this session;i) you can either make a pot during one of our general sessions (or on one of our courses), bring it along to the RAKU firing workshop and add special RAKU glazes, orii) you can glaze one of our ready made pots* during the workshop*please note there will be an additional charge for your pot depending on the size, type and shape of the pot selected. Prices range from £5 to approx £20 and you will need to pay for your pot on the day so please bring some cash with you! If you wish you may also bring along your own glazes to try, or any additional combustibles that you wish to try to gain spectacular, individual finishes to your piece, eg large feathers PLEASE NOTE that although not a requirement, booking is recommended for these sessions as where time is limited and where there are a lot of people at a session, priority will be given to those pre-booked. Spectators welcome but again, priority will be given to participants.For more information see www.eastcottstudios.co.uk