• Sunday Afternoon Workshop and Dance

  • Sun, 08-04-2018 at 14:00
  • Moose Hall Old Town
    Eastcott Road
    SN1 3LS Swindon
Sunday Afternoon Workshop and Dance - Moose Hall Old Town - Swindon

There are two parts to this afternoon - Part 1 - 2pm to 4pm - An Introduction to Bal-Swing Workshop £10.00This workshop is aimed at anyone wanting to introduce a different rhythm to their swing dancing. Previous swing dance experience would be useful for this workshop but you do not need to have any Balboa experience.Part 2 - 4pm to 7pm - Afternoon Dance £7Price for both £15.00There is a licensed bar from 4pm to 7pm and Free Tea/CoffeeA great wooden dance floor - maximum numbers 60 and mostly FREE parking.Guest Teachers – Laurie and PeteYou may have seen Laurie and Pete throwing some great shapes on the dance floor, when dancing in their own inimitable style of Bal-Swing. They will be teaching some great basic Bal-Swing moves and how to incorporate Bal-Swing into your own dance repertoire.Balboa:Modern Balboa dancers sometimes distinguish between two types of Balboa, "Pure Balboa" and "Bal-Swing." In Pure Balboa, dancers stay in close embrace for almost the entire time, their torsos touching, doing variations based on footwork, turning as a couple and moving as a couple. Bal-Swing, in contrast, incorporates movements in which there is more space between the partners and thus more latitude for dynamic movements, including turns for one or both partners, and so forth.........and we all love to be dynamic!!!!!!For Tickets contact Erica - 01793 340271 or erica@swingoutswindon.co.ukor via Pay Pal I can send a link