• Sunday Afternoon Workshop and Dance

  • Sun, 21-10-2018 at 13:00
  • Moose Hall Old Town
    Eastcott Road
    SN1 3LS Swindon
Sunday Afternoon Workshop and Dance - Moose Hall Old Town - Swindon

There are two parts to this afternoon - Part 1 - 1pm to 4pm - Learn the Tranky Doo - £15This is a 3-hour work shop (with breaks for coffee!!)This workshop is aimed at anyone wanting to learn this fabulous routine.Part 2 - 4pm to 7pm - Afternoon Dance £7Price for both £20.00There is a licensed bar from 4pm to 7pm and Free Tea/CoffeeA great wooden dance floor - maximum numbers 60 and mostly FREE parking.Guest Teacher – Ollie Parham - from Ollie and Helen Lindy HopWhat is the Tranky Doo?The Tranky Doo is even more fun than it sounds! A silly series of mostly jazz steps, this line dance was choreographed by Pepsi Bethel in the Savoy Ballroom during the 1940’s. Lindy hoppers will often spontaneously begin this routine and, much like the Shim Sham, individuals will join in once they recognize its beginning moves. Traditionally the song was danced to Erskine Hawkins Tuxedo Junction, a mellow tune, but the routine’s versatility allows it to be danced to a number of more upbeat songs such as Ella Fitzgerald’s Dipsy Doodle. The Spirit Moves, a widely studied video record of vintage dancing, has popularized the Dipsy Doodle because it was the score used for the Tranky DooFor Tickets contact Erica - 01793 340271 or erica@swingoutswindon.co.uk

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