• Craft your Craft monthly workshop

  • Tue, 03-12-2019 at 18:00
  • Crystal Moon Emporium
    52 Frederick Street
    SR1 1NF City of Sunderland
Craft your Craft monthly workshop - Crystal Moon Emporium - Sunderland

Each month we will be crafting something special which can be used for an Altar or to adorn a special space, for divination or used in your craft. Whether your path is Witchcraft, Wiccan, Pagan or similar you will be able to develop your "Craft" skills. You will be guided through the steps and given top tips and techniques so that you can also replicate this again. You will also be able to create a separate craft journal too, so that you can make notes to replicate any of the monthly projects along the way.If you have or would like to create a Book of Shadows, each month you will receive information which can be added and some months we will craft special pages too.There will be different “Craft your Craft” items to create each month.We will start just after 6pm, to allow anyone parking to take advantage of FREE parking on Frederick Street, Sunderland (the shop will be closed so please arrive at 6pm). This will finish at approximately 8:30pm (session lengths may vary per month, depending upon the craft project and topic of discussion, they will be approximately 2 -3 hours per workshop, depending upon the Crafts we create).We will be creating various “Craft” related crafts over the coming months, including creating your own: Journal Making, Scrapbooking Journal, Wand, Pendulum, Divination/Affirmation Cards, Decorate a Pentacle, Hanging Pentacle, create a Charm, Create a Lucky Talisman, Altar Table Decoration, Hanging Decoration, Altar Files, Kitchen Witch Spoon Decoration, Mandalas, Spell Candles, Wand Rest, Spell Jar/Bottles/Necklaces, Jewellery, Greetings Cards and more . . .The investment for these monthly sessions is £10 each, since this is monthly you can pay for your sessions in advance to secure your space. This will be on a first booked basis, due to limited space and your enjoyment. You can book your sessions in advance too to secure your place. Materials to create your "Craft your Craft" item(s), raffle ticket (which is exclusively for this class and drawn each month), handout(s) for your Book of Shadows or Craft Journal (you will receive a Craft journal and pages to fill in each month if desired) and refreshments are provided. Over 18’s. Please note £10 is for each session and secures your place for that session only, this includes a non-refundable deposit. The full amount is non-refundable if less than 3 working days notice is given, as we have limited spaces available for your comfort. You will also have the opportunity to receive a FREE workshop: pay for 9 “Craft your Craft” workshops and receive your 10th FREE (these can be paid monthly or in advance).