• California Dreamers LIVE

  • Sat, 15-02-2020 at 19:30
  • Mitchell Arts Centre
    Mitchell Arts Centre
    ST1 4HG Stoke-on-Trent
California Dreamers LIVE - Mitchell Arts Centre - Stoke-on-Trent

Release your inner hippy 🤩✌🏼❤️Come and join us in celebrating the Sounds of Laurel Canyon. We’ll take you on a magical journey from the mid sixties to the mid seventies with a live show featuring the hits of some of Americas greatest artists, including,The Eagles, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Monkees, Joni Mitchell ,James Taylor and many more... showcasing many magical and musical memories from the heart of Los Angeles, in a rustic town called Laurel Canyon.This neighbourhood in the Hollywood Hills saw and defined the beginnings that rocked a generation. California Dreamers takes you on a journey through an iconic age of the psychedelic 1960's to the mindblowing music of the 1970's.Laurel Canyon wasn't just a town - it was a mindset - a creation that saw the birth of an unforgettable era.As Joni Mitchell once said..."Ask anyone in Los Angeles where the craziest people live and they'll tell you Hollywood.Ask anyone in Hollywood where the craziest people live, and they'll say Laurel Canyon!"Ladies and Gentlemen, we want to take you on a journey and take you back to the iconic sounds from the era that gave us Mr Tambourine Man, Monday Monday, Daydream Believer, Take it Easyand many more...Not forgetting of course, California Dreamin'