• USA Nails // Yo Dynamo // Harpoon - Jabbarwocky First Bday Gig

  • Sat, 09-11-2019 at 19:30
  • Jabbarwocky Sheffield
    308-310 London Road
    S2 4NA Sheffield
USA Nails // Yo Dynamo // Harpoon - Jabbarwocky First Bday Gig - Jabbarwocky Sheffield - Sheffield

A year has rolled around quickly here at Jabbarwocky! Lots of beers sold, as well as a good number of bands put on! So, as part of our debauched birthday weekend we have decided to get some bands to help finish off the festivities!//////// USA NAILS ////////We have had one proper day off since opening, to go up to Leeds to see Metz supported by USA Nails. It was the best show we've been to in a while (and not just cos we are stuck at the bar). USA Nails left their mark on us with that performance, so we decided to bring them to the bar for our birthday!Disorientatingly loud London 4 piece formed through a mutual love of noise rock, punk and krautrock, USA Nails are gleefully complicit in the resurgent post-punk scene in London. A stripped down approach that focuses on mood and energy that is hard to categorise: hardcore, punk, noise rock, kraut all play their part. Best to just watch, listen and enjoy the energy that aboundswww.usanails.bandcamp.com////////// YO DYNAMO ///////////Great band and good friends - played the first gig we ever had at the bar!Sheffield based purveyors of hyper-rhythmic dance punk, this two piece feral drum and bass outfit always know how to get the place stomping around to their beats with their high octane performances.www.yodynamo.bandcamp.com////////// HARPOON ////////////Harpoon is Bristol DIY stalwarts Tina Hitchens & Aron Ward. Think warped, broken, polyrhythmic techno, doomy drone-squall, and music concrete textures, all wrenched from drum machines and FX pedals.www.harpoonsound.bandcamp.comĀ£6 (ticket link up shortly - available on the door too)No-one turned away due to lack of funds!Be safe to everyone. No dickheads.Lots of nice booze (and cake).