• Animal Crossing 006 – Fabe & iO (Mulen) (SOLD OUT)

  • Sat, 24-11-2018 at 21:00
  • Foundry Film Studios
    Unit 11 & 12 Ordsall Lane
    M53LW City of Salford
Animal Crossing 006 – Fabe & iO (Mulen) (SOLD OUT) - Foundry Film Studios - Salford

Warmly welcoming Fabe, the Salty Nuts label head and BE9 representative brings a wealth of experience to the party. Solid selections and reputable releases have seen him become one of the most sought after talents in the scene. Joined by none other than Ukraine’s iO (Mulen), a true pioneer of the underground and one of the most respected producers in the industry - heading labels Mulen, hoarder, slowly mowdy, whiteloops, blackloops & voy his musical depth translates to dance floor delivery, a flawless talent were very excited to showcase. Once again we transform a brand new space taking over Foundary Film Studios with sound and decor provided by the team. Afterhours details revealed on the night as the movement continues. See you on the dance floor x

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