• Learn How to Pour Latte Art by Swan Song Coffee

  • Tue, 03-12-2019 at 18:00
  • Islington Mill
    James Street
    M3 5HW City of Salford
Learn How to Pour Latte Art by Swan Song Coffee - Islington Mill - Salford

'Learn How To Pour Latte Art' Workshop by Swan Song CoffeeThis workshop is aimed at people who want to master the basics patterns and have a good time making coffee. Ideal for home enthusiasts, couples, friends and groups as a light hearted fun morning activity.This workshop will introduce you to the basic patterns.Hearts, Tulips and Rosetta’s.Finally touching on more advanced pouring techniques, such as Swans, Streaming, Inverts and Free pour designs.No experience necessary for this workshop at all.We'll even happily advice you on how to make a better cup of coffee at home with our many years experience working within the speciality coffee world.We breakdown each technique into stages, making it easy to follow thereby working towards giving you a full repertoire of pouring styles and techniques to give you the foundation to approach any pattern.At the end of the day. We want you to be relaxed, enjoy yourself and hopefully love coffee that bit more by the end of the workshop.All workshops are ran by SCA Authorised Speciality Trainer, Josh Wilson.

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