• Nail Product Chemistry : Manchester

  • Thu, 16-05-2019 at 10:00
  • AC Hotel by Marriott Manchester Salford Quays
    17-19 Trafford Road
    M5 3AW City of Salford
Nail Product Chemistry : Manchester - AC Hotel by Marriott Manchester Salford Quays - Salford

CLASS CONTENTSThis is a product and brand neutral education with the following class contents:EU Cosmetics DirectiveREACH regulationsCore gel ingredients -samples will be shownSafety Data SheetsChemical namesAllergies and preventionIllegal ingredientsTips to choose safe / legal productsProfessionals OnlyThis is education is available for professional Nail Technicians and Beauticians. A copy or photo of your professional qualification will be required to gain admittance.CertificateA certificate of attendance will be provided.Refund PolicyIf due to unforeseen circumstances the event has to be cancelled by the organisers, a full refund will be provided within 14 days. Unfortunately, due to the cost of organising this event, no other refunds are possible. If the attendee is unable to attend, the organisers will consider providing a credit for other events, on a case by case basis.Review provided by a Nail Technician who attended the Nail Product Chemistry class in Germany in 2018."All things are poison and nothing without poison; the dose alone makes a thing 'not a poison' (Paracelsius)"In our profession, there are an incredible number of training courses (nail art, perfection), but very few are concerned with the theoretical aspects of our work, such as product chemistry. I've always been a person who wants to know and understand everything, so I enrolled in the Nail Camp Chemistry Product Training course. The reason was my curiosity, my desire to be able to explain my work materials better and also to counter rumours.First of all, I work without a facemask but do use a source capture system from a well-known manufacturer with an activated carbon filter and an e-file with fine dust extraction. It was important to me, that I learn if I protect myself sufficiently and what is really so dangerous. I love my job and would like to practice it for many years. I also want to perfectly advise my clients, who are also very unsure.The training was led by a chemist Jens Knuefermann, who is a Doctor of Chemistry, as well as a Certified Chemist, who has worked closely with Nail Designers since 2009, and developed nail products for well-known manufacturers.First, the EU Cosmetics Regulations were discussed in detail, what it contains, and the differences even within the EU. The topic of animal experiments was also. Hazard symbols, pregnancy tests, Safety Data Sheets, and REACH regulations. Most of this, I admit, I did not really know much before.It became particularly interesting when the individual ingredients of the gel were explained and shown, and we were allowed to smell and look at them. Jens explained the thorough process to review and evaluate the ingredients and that some are only allowed to a certain percentage in Europe.Certain products may cause a contact allergy, where no desensitization is possible. There are infinitely many substances to which one can react allergically, but careful handling minimizes the possibility of developing an allergy to certain substances.The interaction of the individual ingredients and their countries of manufacture was explained descriptively and easy to understand.HEMA and MMA are currently under review by an EU Commission and could potentially lead to contact allergies. Fiberglass gel has also been much discussed, but in these gels, no fiberglass is included!In summary:I have just briefly mentioned the topics and have superficially addressed some points to give you an idea of the training. I found it very interesting and important to know, because I was informed that with a responsible handling and a good air filter system with activated carbon filter and gloves I can protect myself well. I'm going to talk to different companies now, and look at the products, because I am now much more enlightened, and I can buy more consciously, without fear.I now understand more about what I work with and HOW I have to deal with it, I can work better and, above all, advise and educate my clients.I also think it's great that I can still ask Jens and keep him updated. The training continues to evolve through the questions we ask Jens, and I am always kept informed of the new topics. I've been buzzing out of sheer information afterwards, but I can always ask questions or read. I can only recommend to attend such a training, because I find it more important than nail art.Isabel GesellGermany