• #NottsSoup: Arts and Mental Health special

  • Thu, 16-05-2019 at 18:00
  • Think: Meeting Rooms and Art Gallery
    Cobden Chambers off Pelham St
    NG1 2ED Nottingham
#NottsSoup: Arts and Mental Health special - Think: Meeting Rooms and Art Gallery - Nottingham

Don't miss this exciting evening of enterprising ideas for making a difference. This is the #NottsSoup Mental Health special with Hard Heads and Hang-Ups, the Nottingham fund supporting arts and mental health activities..Donate at least £5 for a bowl of tasty soup and listen to pitches for ideas that use arts activities to enhance mental health. An expert panel and the audience get to ask the pitchers a few questions and then we all vote for the one we think should get the sum of all our fivers!Previous winning projects have included workshops for dementia sufferers; confidence building for girls; a garden space for those who have had a stillborn child and our last winner was Lets Talk About Loss who have organised the exhibition which will be on the walls during the event, When Words Hurt, https://letstalkaboutloss.org/when-words-hurt-a-lets-talk-about-loss-exhibition/ More detailsIf you've not been to a #NottsSoup before, the idea is folks get together, each donating a minimum of £5 for tasty homemade soup, and listen to pitches for postive action and community projects.The audience vote for their favourite and the winner takes all of the donations! The soup is lovingly made and donated by Dash Garden Cafe.But this one is a #NottsSoup with a difference. Nottingham artist, Kelly Ann Holmes kickstarted a fund, Hard Heads and Hang Ups in conjunction with THiNK in NG, specifically for Arts and Mental Health intiatives. Money raised on the night is added to by generous donations from others including staff at the Lubrizol Corporation.In addition to the audience, we have a knowledgeable panel to ask the pitchers about their ideas and projects and offer suggestions and contacts. But the decisions are down to the audience - who will they decide to give money to?Apply to Pitch!Have you got a great idea using the arts to tackle mental health issues? This could be visual arts like painting, drawing or photography or dance, poetry, theatre, music, pottery, sculpture or architecture. Could a small amount of cash help to make it happen? Anybody can apply to pitch as long as it will help people in Nottinghamshire.Your pitch must last no longer than 4 minutes. You cannot use technology but can be as creative as you like or use any other props, as long as you do not take longer than your allotted time of 4 minutes (a bell will ring to stop you). Your pitch should include:describing your idea and how it uses some form of arts/arts activities to enhance mental health or tackle any specific mental health issues.Who will it benefit?How you will implement your idea if you win - it may help to imagine what you would do with around £500 to put your idea into action. What would you do and how long would it take?Why is this idea important to you personally?How will you let everybody know about your progress?You can then be asked 3 questions by the audience and 3 questions by our panel. To apply to pitch, you need to submit an application by noon Wednesday 1st May. Link to application form. If you have any queries email us on hello@thinkinng.org for help.#NottsSoup Arts and Mental Health specials are run twice a year around Mental Health Awareness Weeks in May and October. For any enquiries please email hello@thinkinng.org We welcome bloggers, photographers etc to help spead the word.Thank you to Andrew Greenstreet who freely gave his time to take fabulous photographs of #NottsSoup.