• Korn Again Live at Albert's Before Nookie Club Night

  • Fri, 17-05-2019 at 19:00
  • Albert's Nottingham
    17 Goldsmiths Street
    NG15JT Nottingham
Korn Again Live at Albert's Before Nookie Club Night - Albert's Nottingham - Nottingham

Albert's Proudly Presents:Korn Again - Korn tribute bio:After seven years together, Korn Again have become the world's number one Korn tribute act. Initially formed in Liverpool in 2010 - Korn Again have since strived to replicate the raw and aggressive sound as well as the energy fuelled stage performance of nu-metal giants Korn . Watching Korn Again creates a reminiscence of seeing Korn when they first emerged pioneering the nu-metal genre in the early 90's.Like the original band, Korn Again deliver an enthralling and intense performance without a stop for breath - a tribute act who take the musical and performance aspects of what they do very seriously. Their attention to detail and authenticity is something to be witnessed and admired not only by Korn fans, but for anybody who appreciates live music and their show is not to be missed.plus supportĀ£7 advance from gigantic.com18+