• Ragefest

  • Sat, 09-11-2019 at 14:00
  • The Old Salutation Inn
    Maid Marian Way
    NG1 6AJ Nottingham
Ragefest - The Old Salutation Inn - Nottingham

Ragebreed Promotions Presents:RAGEFEST - 2 DAY INDOOR FESTIVALTicket Only Event:https://ragebreed.bigcartel.com/product/ragefest-tickets2 Days full of the UK's best underground music both with signed, self financed and unsigned bands in Nottingham's great venue The Old Salutation Inn which has been voted one of the best venues in Nottingham and one of the oldest buildings in Britain. Saturday there is a free afterparty from midnight until 3am (Ragebreed Club Night which consists of alternative through to underground genres)DAY 1: SATURDAY 9TH NOVEMBER 2019METAL : BLACK METAL : DEATH METAL : THRASH METAL : POWER METAL : FOLK METAL : ATMOSPHERIC BLACK METAL : GRIND : GOTHIC DOOM : ACOUSTIC DOOMSPECIAL GUEST HEADLINERS (Joint)Hecate Enthroned - M-TheoryBRUTAL EPIC SCORNFUL METAL SINCE 1995HECATE ENTHRONED emerged as one of the most intense bands to come out of the Black Death Metal scene. Dedicated to delivering their own brand of truly evil metal with little regard to politics or the trends of popular demandLink To Music: http://shop.hecateenthroned.com/index.php?idcategory=6&controller=categoryA Forest Of Stars - Prophecy Productions"One of the best occult underground black metal bands to emerge from the UK with layers of ghostly ambience, dark, heavy and beautifully originally"The year is 1896. The members of the Gentleman's Club of A Forest Of Stars, an exclusive brotherhood of English Victorians, consider themselves to be exponents of their glorious and pompous, at times decadent era characterized by extreme opposites. A Forest Of Stars channel the experiences gained from their numerous meetings hazed by opium and absinthe, occult rites and séances in the form of a previously unheard-of ghostly and hypnotic music, filled with the spirit of the glorious Victorian Age – a harrowing testimony of their many spiritual and sensual excessesLink to Music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqjNshDXyU4----------------------------Blasphemer - Schloss Adler Recordings, CanoMetal, Grind Scene Records"Early 1990s Infused Death Metal the Old Way. No Tricks No Clicks No Triggers No Backing Tracks, Just Raw Death"Formed in Dewsbury England in 1990, Blasphemer released several highly acclaimed underground releases within the true old school cassette tape trading scene of the early 1990s. 2014 the band reformed with core members Arno Cagna, Mass Firth, with addition of Dan Mullins on Drums and Dale Brown finalising the band on Bass. Our World is Dark. Link to Music:http://blasphemeruk666.bandcamp.comhttps://open.spotify.com/album/3BTDSJI92Oc5MgtfVwAAFS?si=f5h7wzeVQGanW-rerkm4Pw-------------------------------------------------------------------Lake Of Dreams - Ragebreed Records "Dreams can encompass a variety of moods and therefore LAKE OF DREAMS a solo project that will capture those moods to bring you energy through music to flow through the realms of darkness, romance, healing and beauty".Solo Project written by Karina Sher (Mindlapse - HTT Records)Karina Sher has been writing music and performing since 1994 originating from band Neutral Shade and from 1996 the band Mindlapse where Karina was secured a contract with HTT Records.In 2015 after she decided to dissolve Mindlapse. Karina decided to embark on a personal project to work on acoustic material which has elements of a gothic, doom, acoustic, dark folk and progressive nature influenced from bands such as The Gathering, Southern Isolation, Trees Of Eternity, Lacuna Coil, Opeth (Damnation Album), My Dying Bride, Faun, Dead Can Dance, Wardruna, The Moon & The Nightspirit, Hammock, Anathema, Antimatter and a lot of movie soundtracks, films, poetry and ideas to embark on composition."The theme is about an ancient druid witch that uses her magic to heal a high rank soldier of war. They had forbidden love where they both kept leaving each other because they both would be killed if anyone found out as the druids hated the authorities and the authorities hated witches/druids and would drown them. However they risked losing everything to be together and when together they were happy, when apart miserable but the solider risked losing his life as did she. The love was questioned as he kept trying to leave her but the connection was too strong. In the end they had to make a decision. The first EP is the first chapter in this story. It is to be continued. Will they make it?"Link to Music:http://www.lake-of-dreams.com/https://ragebreed.bigcartel.com/product/lake-of-dreams-debut-epAvailable from Itunes, Spotify & most streaming sites. ----------------------------------------------------------------Damnation's Hammer - Massacre Records Damnation's Hammer was formed as a homage to the avant-garde metal of the 1980's. The vision of the band has always been to create dark, doom laden metal incorporating surreal atmospherics.2018 saw the band sign to Massacre Records for an official release of their sophomore album Unseen Planets, Deadly Spheres which was originally self-released in November 2017. Ten tracks of unrelenting heaviness with a pervading tone of the unearthly.Link To Music:http://www.damnationshammer.co.ukhttps://www.heavymetalonline.co.uk/shop/damnations-hammer/music-damnations-hammer/cd-music-damnations-hammer/damnations-hammer-unseen-planets-deadly-spheres-cd/-------------------------------------------------------------------------DETHONATORAcross the wasted years of our youth we have carved an iron path. Through the cities of men we have rode, searching for glory.In the year of The Lord MMII (ok, 2002), the four strong warband that is DETHONATOR set out from Leicestershire to conquer all that stood before it in tribute to the old gods of metal, a lonely gathering of true hearts and minds amidst a tide of Nu beliefs. Now garrisoned in South East England, DETHONATOR are making many night raids into the heart of the capital, laying siege to the greatest of England’s cities…the mighty London. DETHONATOR’S new E.P. - Monuments To Dead Gods - is a tribute to all the faithful Heavy Metal departed. As is honourable in these troubled times, it is freely given to every man to take into their hearts, so that they might hear our words and sing out the glory….#MetalLivesOnLink To Music:https://www.dethonator.com/music?fbclid=IwAR0dz1mFs0aSndyKsssZVTpazpbTgZwV5fzI8NDcDGChjNcz9tCseow1Rk-------------------------------------------All ConsumedFor fans of Obituary, Entombed, Benediction wrap your ears around this brutal back catalogue:All Consumed’s acclaimed debut album No World Order is an extreme metal extravaganza in awe of death metal’s primal beginnings. • “It’s unrefined, unfettered and un-fucking-believably savage.” – Encyclopaedia Metallum• "The perfect balance between brutality and groove" - Terrorizer• "This is old school death metal at its very best" - Planetmosh.comAll Consumed are avid supporters of live music, joining crowds of like-minded fans to support the hard work and dedication of fellow emerging local bands. Buying music, promoting gigs and proudly wearing merch all matters in a major way. To everyone who has supported us so far, you have our sincere gratitude. To all the ears we have yet to ring – we’ll snare you in 2017…AwardsPreston Metal 2 The Masses winner 2014Dave Kenyon: UK’s ‘Favourite Local Drummer 2016’Link To Music:Old school Death Metal dynamics collide with primitive Thrash aggression.https://soundcloud.com/allconsumedwww.reverbnation.com/allconsumedhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgCv74appsZ0v8rpW6prhnQ------------------------------------------------------The Crimson Brigade - W.W.R. PRODUCTIONSBlack/death/gothic/doom vampyric war metal from EnglandThe Crimson Brigade was born from the dark depraved depths of BlutKommendant Ansgar Blutdrache...Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards & Programming sub conscious, telling stories of untold stories of the Blood Battalion formed at the beginning of the Napoleonic wars in 1803. A fierce army of blood lusting Vampyres who have been behind every war and conflict in human history, these Vampyres who use war to cover their feeding frenzy fight for no man but allied to both sides.With Vampyres behind the scenes in high office orchestrating wars, allowing sides to win certain battles as part of their elaborate plan which has led to battles in history being won by unbelievable odds but the true secret , the deployment of The Crimson Brigade.For fans of Marduk, Dimmu Borgir, Mayhem, Darkthone, Morbid Angel, My Dying Bride, Celtic Frost / Triptykon, Death, Hellhammer Behemoth....Link to Music:thecrimsonbrigade.bandcamp.com/album/blood-b-------------------------------------------------------------Cistvaen - Unsigned Atmospheric black metal from Devon, UK.Cistvaen was conceived in 2016 and came to life in 2018 after a couple of years of writing and finding the right line up for the project.The idea behind the band was to create atmospheric black metal with lyrical inspiration taken from the myths and legends and breath-taking landscapes of the moors in their home county of Devon, UK.The band played their first gig in Plymouth in May 2018 in support of one of the finest black metal bands in the UK, Fen, alongside local friends Deadwood Lake and the excellent Aklash.Since then, they have played several more gigs with acts such as Advent Sorrow (Australia), DunkelNacht (France), Waylander, Old Corpse Road, Agrona, and many more. Now the band have their footing in the live scene, it is time to focus on recording their first material in the remainder of 2019, whilst preparing for some festival appearances at Warhorns Festival in Yorkshire and Ragnarok Metal Festival in East Anglia. The band is making plans to undertake a small UK tour in 2020.InfluencesGhost Bath, Agalloch, Panopticon, Winterfylleth, Advent Sorrow, Alcest, Ulver, Sojourner, Imperium Dekadenz, Ellende, A Forest of StarsLink to Music:https://www.facebook.com/Cistvaen/videos/2037883349834859/----------------------------------------------------------Dissension - Unsigned Thrash/Extreme Metal quintet based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Our sound has been compared to bands like Anthrax, Venom, Testament and Discharge.Formed in the final months of 2017 and after a slew of successful gigs, kicked off with our debut at the now iconic underground Chesterfield venue; The County Music Bar in the beginning of 2018, Dissension retreated from the live circuit after the departure of our drummer Steve to focus on new material. 2019 sees the next stage of Dissension. With the addition of our new drummer Rik adding his own flare, Dissension is ready to take to the stage again!Link To Music: https://unholydissension.bandcamp.com/releases https://open.spotify.com/artist/7D51aamtG24jfbhc4c857m-------------------------------------------------------Three Years of Winter - Unsigned Three piece Nottingham based. Doomy, thrashy, nasty, loud, orrible.Stevethewhite - Bass of doom / Sam - son of Steve - Drums of despair / Dazmetal (Dido) - guitar/ vocals of agony.Link to Musichttps://www.facebook.com/687483968049924/videos/821564774641842/-----------------------------------------------------------------AFTERPARTY - Ragebreed Club Night - The Old Salutation Inn-------------------------------------------------------Details: Bands Start 2pm/Food available from 1pm Live Music Until MidnightOfficial Afterparty after live musicRagebreed Club Night Riff Raff DJs & Headbangers DJs Metal : Black Metal : Thrash : Death : Classic Rock : Glam : Grunge : Alternative : Doom : Stoner : Folk Metal : Battle Metal : Thrash Metal : Gothic Doom : Power Metal & much much more!Midnight until 3am>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DAY 2: SUNDAY 10TH NOVEMBER 2019DOOM : SLUDGE : GRUNGE : STONER : HARD ROCK : GLAM/SLEAZE ROCK : CLASSIC ROCK : ALTERNATIVE : King Goat - Aural MusicProgressive Doom Metal from Brighton, UK.Forming in 2012, Brighton’s King Goat quickly deviated from their initial aim to be a traditional sounding band. With a vast range of influences, both inside and outside of metal, King Goat’s sound started to take on a much more progressive bent. King Goat released two well-received EPs in 2013 and 2014 before the highly anticipated release of their debut album, Conduit, in March 2016, the critical response to which has been overwhelmingly positive. While continuing to progress in the studio, King Goat have been bringing their spellbinding stage show to venues across the UK, including a packed out New Blood tent at Bloodstock Open Air, Mammothfest, Doom Over London IV; shows with Enslaved, Grand Magus, Jex Thoth, Witchsorrow and many others.In 2016 King Goat continued this trend and expand further across the UK and Europe after a triumphant return to Doom over London, for the sixth edition; King Goat headed to Leofest, to Somatic Death Festival, and to the Camden Underworld, in support of Primitive Man; with more shows still to announce throughout the year. Looking ever forward, King Goat also was booked to perform at Doom Over Edinburgh festival in 2017 and have been selected to perform Ragefest. Kerrang! KKKK Conduit is a slow burner that I liked from the start, but I have grown to love it. The blend of good ideas and great performances makes for an album that is surprisingly addictive. Link To Music:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHBrg2flF8A------------------------------------------------------------GURT - Self Financed"The drums are thunderous, the vocals demonic and the guitars down-tuned, down-tempo and down-right sexy. This is not doom, this is not sludge, THIS IS GURT"Since their creation in January 2010 GURT have released 2 LPs, 5 EPs, 3 splits (With Dopefight, LIMB & Trippy Wicked) 2 Christmas Singles and a number of sludgy covers.Relentless touring across the UK and Europe has seen GURT perform with some truly great bands. Highlights include a 23 day European tour with Canadian sludge legends Dopethrone, a 7 day Euro tour with our bros in Diesel King, a 10 day UK tour with our BFFs Bong Cauldron and Pist, supporting Weedeater in Paris, The Sword in Salzburg, Red Fang at the Black Heart and Black Tusk in Paris, as well as performing to packed out audiences at Desertfest 2013 & 2016, opening the 2nd stage at Bloodstock 2014 and triumphantly returning to Bloodstock for another 2nd stage appearance in 2017, playing the main stage of Stonerhead Festival in Salzburg and also laying waste to Hammerfest in North Wales, In Flammen in Germany, FOAD fest in Manchester, Massafest in Holland and Riff Fest in Bolton.Link to music: www.gurt.bigcartel.comwww.gurt.bandcamp.com----------------------------------------------------------The Darkhorse - Self FinancedThe Darkhorse: A three piece hailing from the lower depths of east midlands. At just over a year old already performed at bloodstock 14 and mammothfest 15Doom / Sludge / Southern Grove / Sounds of NOLAArtists We Also Like:eyehategod, Will Haven, RSJ, Raging Speedhorn, Iron Monkey, Down, Superjoint Ritual, Deftones,Link To Music: https://www.facebook.com/thedarkhorseuk/videos/1930208977207024/-------------------------------------------------------------Final Coil - Wormhole RecordsCombining elements of post-rock and progressive, Final Coil's acclaimed debut, Persistence of memory, has drawn comparisons to Tool & Pink Floyd.“Rushing in like a mixture of nineties alternative and grunge with more depth in terms of progressive rock, Final Coil have created a truly strong effort here.” 9/10 The Grim Tower “…a journey through sombre, lulling tones of deep souls searching and intense soundscapes that really made me want to keep hitting repeat.” – Down The Front Media “Deeply powerful and haunting…way beyond expectations.” 10/10 – Jenny Tate’s Blog “It manages to make the listener mentally travel, completely releasing the mind and introducing it into a particular world created by them.” 8/10 – Giornale Metal “...an album that offers a sense of melody, heaviness and light, and shade dynamics.” 8/10 – Powerplay Rock And Metal Magazine “... a truly stunning debut...” 5/6 – Zero Tolerance Magazine Issue 79 InfluencesKatatonia, Alice in chains, Swans, Tool, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, AnathemaLink To Music:www.finalcoilrock.bandcamp.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWW2gXZPE1oGB7ggrrKHBw---------------------------------------------------------Graves Uk - Unsigned The band was established back in July 2017, in Leicester. GRAVES are: Dan (Vocals) Mitchell (Guitars) Barlow (Bass) & Staggy (Drums). Our sound & style has been likened to Hard Rock, Stoner Rock, Desert Rock & Early Grunge. We have been heavily influenced by bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, Fugazi, Trail of the dead, Sabbath, Gallows, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Kyuss, Alice in Chains.We aim to consistently deliver a captivating, immersive, hard hitting & powerful stage peformance.In 2019 GRAVES entered the Metal to the Masses Lecester competition & won a slot on the Jager Meister Stage at Bloodstock Festival 2019. We really have had a meteroic rise, progressing from obscurity to Bloodstock Festival in less than two years.In May 2019 we released our first remastered single “And So It Begins” with more single releases, to follow. Our debut 13 track album is recorded with the album expected to drop mid to late 2019.Graves have also been requested to perform Ragefest also bringing their unique style of grunge, hard rock, stoner rock to Nottingham. Links To Music:Google Play https://play.google.com/music/m/Ai7cr4fprtqwxx4a4qaxo7okmqy?t=GravesUKSpotifyhttps://open.spotify.com/album/0PnxvilFnEpl6xXdtTPYqd?si=DlEXZN3PTLuIDQfhE2aZMg-------------------------------------------------Electric Priestess - UnsignedHard, Heavy & DOOM! Electric Priestess are 5 piece Trad Doom, Hard Rock with hints of Stoner/Desert Rock. Formed in 2013, Electric Priestess are 5 piece Trad Doom, Hard Rock with hints of Stoner/Desert Rock. Loud and heavy sounds influenced by the loud retro sounds and modern tones from Black Sabbath to Mastodon. Supported bands such as The Picturebooks, The Graveltones, BEHOLDER, among many others.Also played at various festivals and All-dayers in the UK including Sunk Fest, GRIMFUZZ, Somatic Festival 2016 & Hail The Riff Vol.1.They have also reached the finals of the Metal 2 The Masses competition 2015 for Bloodstock and will be participating in this years M2TM once again."Electric Priestess have proved an engaging live prospect, but this EP shows just what's going on at another level. The feel here is Sabbath, Leafhound, Witchcraft and a more restrained Cathedral at their most stoner rock, but Electric Priestess kind of spur you on to believe that stoner is far from dead. The wave of bands that sound like Kyuss seems to have slowly dissipated (20 years later) and we're so glad the trend has reverted to Sabbath worship and, shockingly, originality. " - Mike @ NinehertzLink To Music:https://electricpriestess.bandcamp.com/releases--------------------------------------------Stonepit Drive - UnsignedHard Rock/Grunge band from Kettering, Northamptonshire Stonepit Drive are a 4 piece hard rock/grunge band from Kettering, UK. The band has been establishing a reputation for delivering a lively and confident show. Stonepit Drive arrived at 4th in TBFM Factor 2016, out of around 200 bands that took part in the competition. Stonepit Drive have released their debut EP ‘Dystopia’ in 2016 following on from the debut single ‘Vive Sine Timore’ released in 2014, and the 2nd single Blue Flame released in 2015. The EP achieving critical acclaim. ‘Dystopia’ is available for streaming on Spotify and Deezer, and can be purchased on the band's website, iTunes and Amazon. Stonepit Drive are looking to take their brand of gritty hard rock to new venues and audiences across the UK and beyond. The band's main influences range from bands such as Seether, Shinedown and Black Stone Cherry up to the heavier tones of Metallica, Stone Sour and Alter Bridge.InfluencesSeether, Nirvana, Alter Bridge, Shinedown, Stone Sour, Black Stone Cherry, Iron MaidenLink To Music: www.stonepitdrive.com!-----------------------------------------Supersonic Death Monkey3 piece Hard Rock band from Derbyshire. Jet pack fuelled rock at its finest! EP Blueprints for Destruction out now "Who wouldn't want to see a band called Supersonic Death Monkey? I mean, they're called Supersonic Death Monkey! That is a great name. I managed to catch them at New Cross Inn in April 2018 and was not disappointed. A powerful 3 piece of dirty, heavy, riffy, rawkus rock and roll belted out with the confidence of seasoned performers. So good I bought 'Blueprints for Destruction' and what a cracking little ep it is. Catch them live and drag your mates along. They'll thank you later."Link To Music: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2PcxgIFMbj1mttcZNYVoWy---------------------------------Spidervayne - Unsigned A grunge infused metal band hailing from Essex.Wild, rock n' roll, entertainers bringing you the best of classic rock, grunge, glam with a stage presence to blow your mind! InfluencesMetallica, Alice in chains, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, PanteraLinks To MusicFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpidervayneInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/spidervayneYoutube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8U0RyZS4ggt4AAjQkao5BwSpotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0H9sIcHhx7w8DQjZvNOdNp…Bandcamp: https://spidervayne.bandcamp.com/----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Siobhan Mazzei - UnsignedSiobhan Mazzei - An Alt Rock/Grunge/Folk Singer-Songwriter. Through her music and words refuses to be hemmed in by narrow boundaries of genre. Her voice is powerful with gaelic style undertones as well as completely fascinating and gripping guitar skills. Leicester born and bred, Siobhan Mazzei grew up surrounded by music and has collected various concepts of musical genus, creating a style that refuses to be hemmed by Genre. Siobhan provides an atmospheric set that combines a bleak folky sound with Pearl Jam-styled grunge to provide something that comes across as interestingly unique. Her latest release "Consumed by Chaos EP" is ferocious, beautiful and delicately grim. A listen you won't regret - a piece that echoes Siobhan's dejection - an apetiser of her sheer talent. Siobhan is a tour-de-fource driving stadium like anthems with intelligent twists - touring the UK and Europe blinding audiences with her spell-binding, gaelic style vocals and melodic rock riffs, all whilst still maintaining her astonishing song-writing ability. Siobhan is making waves in the industry with her supporting the likes of Mollie Marriot, The VirginMarys, Broken Witt Rebels, Dave Mcpherson (InMe) and Hands Off Gretel. Full of emotional energy and power. Story telling at its finest and darkest in many ways. As music should be, each song grabs you and shouts - listen."Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/siobhanmazzeiLink To Music: https://www.facebook.com/siobhanmazzei/app/190322544333196/------------------------------------------------------Anhedönia - Unsigned Emanating from the bowls of the midlands and spreading like the thick black smog that once blanketed our town. Anhedönia Bring filthy groove ridden sludge with politicised lyrics and anger that reflects our time.For fans of:Yob, OM, Black Sabbath, Graves At Sea, Thou, GriefLink To Music:https://www.facebook.com/Anhedonia.DOOM/videos/2271244433088406/-------------------------------------------------------------More bands TBC -----------------------------------Doors open 2pm Live Music Until MidnightClose >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ACCOMMODATION:PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS ACCOMMODATION AVAILABLE AT BRITANNIA HOTEL NOTTINGHAM CLOSE TO THE VENUE.PLEASE COPY AND PASTE TO THE BELOW LINK AND SELECT THE BRITANNIA HOTEL NOTTINGHAM, ENTER THE NIGHTS YOU ARE WISHING TO STAY AND ENJOY LESS TRAVEL COSTS TO THE HOTEL AND BACK AS THE VENUE IS WALKING DISTANCE. https://www.britanniahotels.com-------------------------------------------Heads up! Tickets are selling pretty fast so I would get them early to avoid disappointment as this event is expected to sell out over the next few monthsBands that are using the ticket agreement, these tickets will be posted out to you within 28 days. Ticket Link: https://ragebreed.bigcartel.com/product/ragefest-ticket