• The Peacocks / MK11 Milton Keynes / 25th May

  • Sat, 25-05-2019 at 20:00
  • MK11 - Live Music Venue
    MK11 Live Music Venue & Sports Bar
    MK11 3LH Milton Keynes
The Peacocks / MK11 Milton Keynes / 25th May - MK11 - Live Music Venue - Milton Keynes

The Peacocks, from Switzerland, are great atwhat they do. They’re cool. They look good.And they love what they do (well, almostalways). They rock and roll, struggle andsuffer, laugh and cry. They’re on the run andon the road. They’ve been around the globe acouple of times through Austria, Belgium,Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Italy,Norway, Sweden, Holland, Spain, Slovenia,Hungary, UK and the Czech Republic, USA,Canada and Japan. Playing over 400 shows inthe last three years.The Peacocks have sold thousands of albumsin their 16 year career on their European label,Leech Records, Household Name Records,Crazy Love and Elmo Records; Asian ManRecords, Jump Up and Hairball 8 Records inNorth America; and TV Freak in Japan.They’ve kicked everybody’s ass from BadReligion, No Means No, Rancid, No FX,Toasters, Demented Are Go...But they’re stillhungry (even though their backs hurt’ causefloors suck to sleep on). So, after consumingtoo much coffee and cigarettes, they continueto tour like crazy and win over heartseverywhere with thier explosive stand up bassdriving sound. Punk, Rockabilly, great songs,cool beats, pop but good.They’re moving onand up. Probably one day with nice shirts. Andwith a new old van. Pedal to the metal!Support From: Exploding Ear Ensemble Tickets £7 +BF18+