• Mastering Studio Lighting - Beyond the Basics

  • Sat, 09-11-2019 at 11:00
  • Saracen House Studio
    Furtho Court
    MK19 6AN Milton Keynes
Mastering Studio Lighting - Beyond the Basics - Saracen House Studio - Milton Keynes

A full day workshop - just 8 places - 11am to 5pm - lunch included.£149 per person. Association and club discount may apply.You’re confident with the basics of studio lighting and now you want to get a little more creative. This course is the perfect follow-on from Mastering Studio Lighting, the Essentials. So, we begin with a short refresher session on the skills learnt in the Essentials. After that, we’re straight into shoot time with our professional model.In the Essentials course, we focused on what you can achieve using a single light. In this course, you move on to multi-light setups. We introduce gels to the mix and show you how to achieve a range of interesting moods and effects, using more advanced modifiers, including spot and fresnel attachments.Here’s how the shoots run. Before lunch, you will work with a classic three-point portrait setup: key light, fill light and accent light. After lunch, there are more shoots including the introduction of movement into your images by mixing constant light and flash, using slow shutter speeds. We also get busy with gels and a range of different modifiers.The day rounds off with a look back at the shots you’ve taken and it’s time to study some example images. Having deconstructed a few different lighting setups, you’ll be charged up to go away and start planning your own lighting designs.