• L&N representing a DAY of Modern Barbering £200 inc VAT

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L&N representing a DAY of Modern Barbering £200 inc VAT - L&N Hair & Beauty Supplies - Milton Keynes

Interested in Barbering? Are you a Hairdresser or Barber in training or qualified and would like to add much more faster and very effective Modern Barbering techniques to your skill set?With over 24years experience in the Hair Industry, the Husband and Wife team that make up BROWNES ACADEMY are more than qualified to teach you all the new trends in Modern Barbering. Course contains: -• Your course starts off with a group question time as everyone has their own personal goals and performance levels. This is a perfect way to find out what you as individuals, wish to achieve by the end of the days training. • TOOL TIME - is then for 45 minutes. This is a very important start of the session as this will get you familiar with the modern barbering tools required to produce modern day haircuts. Also, during this time, we will also educate you how to maintain your tools and their actual purpose as this is massively misunderstood.• A LIVE DEMONSTRATION - will be performed of modern barbering techniques. This will help tap into your previous knowledge and to see exactly what you wish to learn. Even if you are totally new to the barbering industry, we can still get you up to speed with producing a basic Gents haircut by the end of the days training.• FIRST PRACTICAL SESSION - This session usually runs for 1-2 hours. This is now your choice to bring in a live model or use a training block to practice on. We recommend you use a live model. If this isn’t possible, it has also been proven to be effective with a training block. Your training block can be used to practice on all day and more. We recommend taking before and after pictures to really see your progress. • Q&A TIME - An opportunity to get any queries that may arise answered. • SECOND PRACTICAL SESSION - After light refreshments, this practical session is all about getting you as individual's to really apply the techniques shown from the morning (DEMONSTRATION) and from the first practical session that they took part in. This will let you really get creative with your models and to achieve that photo finish quality haircut. Again, we recommend taking before and after pictures to really see your progress. This session will run for approximately 2 hours.• Q&A TIME – After a quick tidy up, you’ll finish the day with any final questions and a summary of how the day went. MODELS REQUIRED FOR 12PM & 2PM