• Natural Light Portraits

  • Sun, 19-05-2019 at 10:00
  • Saracen House Studio
    5 Furtho Court
    MK19 6AN Milton Keynes
Natural Light Portraits - Saracen House Studio - Milton Keynes

Many people prefer studio lighting to natural light simply because they have the power to control it. They know that they can increase or reduce the power at will and manipulate the light source with modifiers. Whilst studio flash certainly has its applications, mastering natural light offers you endless new creative possibilities, so why not learn to take advantage of it? This course teaches you to how to control natural light. It gives you the tools you need to harness this amazing free resource, enabling you to react quickly and effectively to changing ambient conditions.In the first part of this one day workshop, you will learn how to shoot beautiful portraits using only window light. All aspects are covered: where to position your sitter; the dramatic effects of changing the distance between your subject and the light source; the most effective use of reflectors including how, when and where to position them to achieve the most natural results. At the end of the portrait session, you will be able to craft images like these by controlling window light and using it to your advantage.In the second part of the workshop, you will carry through the skills you have learnt as we move from portrait to tasteful, boudoir-inspired shots. Learn to use natural light in a bedroom setting and shoot a range of styles from sensual to sassy.If you are keen to improve your natural light results or just really want to break out of the studio and add a new dimension to your photography, this workshop is for you.