• Trubys Garden Tea Room

  • Sat, 09-11-2019 at 12:00
  • The Church of Christ the Cornerstone
    300 Saxon Gate
    MK9 2ES Milton Keynes
Trubys Garden Tea Room - The Church of Christ the Cornerstone - Milton Keynes

Our 9 November Trubys Garden Tea Room event is celebrating our Five Year Anniversary! There will be lots of fun including 'guess the sweet', nasheeds and one free meal (cheapest) for every five meals ordered - so make sure your party includes five people!!!And yes there will be a cake bake off competition for the children wtih prizes - get your children to bake and decorate a cake and bring it along on 9 November. A panel will judge the cake on flavour and decoration at 3.30 PM. Entry registration needed - contact Kurshida on 07702894940.Cake bake off age categories: 5-10 years old; 10-15 years old.