• Shadow Self & Intension

  • Sat, 01-08-2020 at 11:00
  • Old Bath House Community Centre
    205 Stratford Rd
    MK12 5RL Milton Keynes
Shadow Self  & Intension - Old Bath House Community Centre - Milton Keynes

Excited to bring Shadow Self and Intention to Milton Keynes - previously only taught in Dublin. Shadow Self (11am - 1pm)Jung describes our unconsciousness, our hidden side, as the ‘shadow self’. In this Dark Fusion workshop we will be exploring this concept through Contemporary and Butoh-inspired exercises.Our culture, and our dance, are fixated on appearances and expectations. What if we could turn that off, what if we could let the mind be quiet and the body talk? What if we danced truly for ourselves and not with an audience expectation in mind? How differently would that look and feel? Let’s get out of heads and back into our bodies for this workshop – exploring our shadow selves.Intention (1.30 - 3.30pm)In this Fusion workshop we will be looking at how our intention can change a performance. How a dance can look and feel completely different, even with identical music and moves, if your intention changes.We’ll be playing with this through both choreographed combinations and improvisation, where we’ll see how intention can help us create new moves and pieces quickly and effectively for interesting performances (whether performing at home in your mirror or on a stage). Expect fun, creativity and challenge! Cost1 workshop £20Both work shops £30 (saving £10)Fuchsia's bioFuchsia is an international teacher based in Milton Keynes. She believes in giving dancers the tools they need to develop and progress in their own individual dances.She believes everyone has their own unique expression and movement and loves helping people to unlock this. She is known for her friendly and adaptable style, providing a safe space to experiment and explore our dance.Fuschisa is a level 2 Excercise to Music Instuctor and has passed the following belly dance certificates ;Killer Dance Path 1, 8 Elements initiation and cultivation, Alchmey 1, Krysalis - Invocation, Staples and Genertate from S. I. G. I. L