• Exhibition Preview: Ho Tzu Nyen // Rae-Yen Song

  • Thu, 23-01-2020 at 18:00
  • Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art
    Market Buildings
    M4 1EU Manchester
Exhibition Preview: Ho Tzu Nyen // Rae-Yen Song - Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art - Manchester

CFCCA are thrilled to start the year with the launch of Ho Tzu Nyen's The Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia Volume 10: N for Nameless and Rae-Yen Song's May-May Songuu.Join us on Thursday 23 January 2020 (6 - 8pm) for the preview.This event is FREE. HO TZU NYEN uses historical texts and artifacts to create unique films, video pieces, installations and theatre works that have been shown worldwide from Guggenheim, New York to the Venice Biennale. His long-term project, The Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia (CDOSEA) focuses on Southeast Asia’s colonial histories and national identities. In an attempt to overcome national borders and articulate the possibility of another collective identity for the region, he collects metaphors, sounds, biographies and narratives left out of the official history books. As a result, an extensive archive of thousands of hours of audiovisual material has emerged which Ho presents online as a virtual, critical dictionary. For more information, see: http://cfcca.org.uk/exhibition/ho-tzu-nyen-the-critical-dictionary-of-southeast-asia-volume-10-n-for-nameless/.#HoTzuNyenMay-May Songuu is an exhibition by RAE-YEN SONG which explores the construction of personal identity through relationships – familial, communal and divine – which revolve around appetite, and the sharing and offering of food. Consisting of costumes, sculptural objects, growing specimens, animation and large-scale drawings, the exhibition will tell a mythical story about the origins of appetite, seen through the prism of sisterly love. It will be complemented by a series of workshops with Manchester’s Chinese communities in which new work will be generated in response to the installation. Prompting community gathering, conversation and making, the workshops will culminate in a closing event and shared meal in April. For more information, see: http://cfcca.org.uk/exhibition/rae-yen-song-may-may-songuu/.#RaeYenSongBoth exhibitions will run from 24 January 2020 - 12 April 2020.They mark the start of CFCCA’s Diaspora season (Jan - July 2020), a programme of exhibitions and events that discuss diasporic identities, hypermobility and migration, while exploring alternative readings of Chineseness.Cover image: Ho Tzu Nyen - still from The Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia (2017). Image courtesy of the artist.