• Silent Disco Adventure Tour

  • Sat, 01-08-2020 at 15:00
  • Silent Adventures Manchester
    M4 3TR Manchester
Silent Disco Adventure Tour - Silent Adventures Manchester - Manchester

Are you ready for the funnest, funniest, funkiest hour of your life?!Join this unique, award-winning, five star Silent Disco Adventure tour through the iconic streets of Manchester on a musical adventure of EPIC proportions! We'll have you singing like you do in the shower, dancing like you do at home, and having a good old laugh with our team of groovy guides, and hysterical host! Super hi-tech headphones will take you back through the decades, with some well known, banging old school tunes from back in the day, to chart-topping numbers of today! Make the city of Manchester your own personal dance-floor because it's time to PAAAARTY!You'll begin your Silent Disco Adventure with an introduction from your host with the most to get you warmed up, and then set off on your Silent Adventure to serenade Manchester and show the city something it has definitely never seen or heard before. A riot of flash-mobbery that you didn't even know you were a part of - Manchester is your stage now and it's time to dance!