• My End of the World Without Me // Europia Art Collective

  • Thu, 16-01-2020 at 19:00
  • Old Bank Residency
    Old Bank Building
    M4 4BB Manchester
My End of the World Without Me // Europia Art Collective - Old Bank Residency - Manchester

Europia Art Collective is proud to start the year by partnering up with Old Bank Residency for premiering the film screening of "My End of the World" - the debut full length experimental film by Łukasz Ziomek."My End of the World Without Me" is a tale of a young couple woven out of fragments of their lives. They turn their dailiness into a perpetual performance. They play a game with the rules and purpose not entirely clear. Are they looking for the truth about themselves while balancing the fine line between fiction and reality?This film is a visual collage of slow cinema aestethics and a homemade flick with a music video, commercial and a popcultural cliche of a nightmare.Written and Directed by Łukasz ZiomekCinematography: Dominik Stanisławski, Łukasz Ziomek Music: Bogumił MisalaCostumes: Agnieszka ZielezieckaAudio Postproduction: Bartosz IdziEditing: Łukasz Ziomek Lighting: Jakub KrukowskiSTARRING Agnieszka Zieleziecka Łukasz ZiomekAnna Ławrynowicz Urszula Mikłasiewicz Jakub Krukowski Dominik StanisławskiProduction 2019 Duration: 73'Film with English subtitlesŁukasz Ziomek - film director and video artist. Recently worked as director assistant with Krystian Lupa at Tianjin Grand Theatre in China. Formerly, a movie and theater critic who published articles in the most important professional magazines in Poland. „My End of the World Without Me” is Lukasz Ziomek feature film debut. Europia Art Collective (EARTS) is an initiative by European expat artists living and creating in Manchester, gathered to support one another in creative growth and bring awareness of European tradition into the context of today’s social and political climate in the UK. Europia Art Collective operates under Europia charity, which is a community development organization focusing on integration of European expats.