• My Bottom Did A Burp In Class

  • Mon, 22-07-2019 at 13:00
  • Hope Aria Academy
    Hope Aria House
    M40 7FS Manchester
My Bottom Did A Burp In Class - Hope Aria Academy - Manchester

My Bottom did a burp in class A big one, really loud Everybody heard it too It made me really proud... Everyone experiences an unexpected Bottom Burp at some point or another. Grown ups will tell you that they don’t, but we totally know that they do. All of them. Even the Prime Minister. Even the Queen. (Except one of her servants usually does hers for her). The inescapable truth is that they sneak out, sometimes without us even knowing – and that’s something we’ve all got in common. Poet, Paul Jenkins knows this, so insists on talking about it in public. And in rhyme too. He also talks about other stuff of course; like teachers and the secret things they say behind the staff room door; sparkling knights who ride rainbow unicorns and about how the colour pink is really a tiny little bit like Marmite. (It is, you’ll just have to trust him). Seasick Vikings, Dentists with their pants on fire and that kid in your class who sometimes eats the glue sticks - they’ll all be making an appearance. An hour of poems with Paul and you will understand just how wobbly words can sometimes be. Suitable for children aged 5+ and their families.