• Tinfoils & Springfield Elementary single launch - Plus support

  • Sat, 29-06-2019 at 19:30
  • Fuel Cafe Bar
    448 Wilmslow Road
    M20 3BW Manchester
Tinfoils & Springfield Elementary single launch - Plus support - Fuel Cafe Bar - Manchester

TINFOILS & Springfield Elementary join forces to fight for freedom, goodness, and tinnitus. A joint headliner in order to celebrate the release of the bands separate upcoming singles - Tinfoils with "Call of the Abyss," and Springfield Elementary with "Machine Fiend." Co-headline, co-single launch, co-mmunity. To fortify their ranks, Giant Boys and Furrowed Brow will also be coming down to give a good old-fashioned ear-thrashing.£4 ADVANCE TICKETS - AVAILABLE SOONDOORS @ 7:30FUEL, WITHINGTONTinfoilsThree-piece garage-punk band based in Manchester, whose frantic brand of ‘no frills’, DIY guitar-driven music rages against the private security companies who police the streets of Britain, the royalist media machine, the inescapable nature of a 20-odd year old’s overdraft - as well as having the odd song about thrush."Across 11 balls-to-the-wall punk bangers, Tinfoils most definitely lifted the lid off, with a set that coaxed the wanting crowd into one of the most memorably energetic and sweaty audiences we’ve ever rubbed shoulders with ... Tinfoils' set was a nuclear attack that rattled our eardrums and left them ringing all week. Their racuous racket and faultless catalogue of frantic punk was a sight and sound to behold." - Jordan Carroll, FUDGELSpringfield ElementaryKnown to ‘smash their stage time into tiny minuscule bits’, Springfield Elementary don’t just play gigs. Made up by Billy Goodwin (Vocals/Guitar), Brad Lewis (Lead Guitar), Liam Moffat (Bass) and Chris Tomkinson (Drums), the psychedelic four-piece were born out of blind optimism that - as a band - they could salvage some credibility for themselves (one broken guitar string at a time)."Thundering drums, searing, snarling vocals and a real penchant for the pulse of punk" Emily Oldfield, Louder Than WarGiant BoysGiant Boys are the Salford based Post Punk duo of Scottie McKnight & Guy Connor. They formed in the spring of 2017 out of a mutual desire to record something satisfyingly heavy. As the project progressed, it became clear that the Giant Boys ethos was to write and record very quickly, always using first takes and never overthinking or labouring songs, allowing the initial energy and feel of the idea to be what is finally heard on record.Furrowed BrowWhat is furrowed brow? We are some people from places you've probably heard of, with cliche influences and an arrangement so familiar that you might puke, but don't worry we are ready to eat that puke and shit out some delicious music