• Narratives of Place

  • Wed, 12-02-2020 at 19:00
  • Redeye - The Photography Network
    M4 1EU Manchester
Narratives of Place - Redeye - The Photography Network - Manchester

An evening looking at photography and place. Three artists with diverse approaches will discuss their work about the interaction between landscape and experience, answering the question ‘How does our individual perception alter our interpretation of a place?’.We all encounter landscapes differently depending on our perspective. These artists explore this idea photographically, by visiting a much photographed city for the first time or by returning to a space that was once home.Joshua, Kat and Liam will all present their individual projects before moving into a wider discussion about how we can use photography to interpret a landscape and explore our own connections with certain spaces and places.--- Kat Dipper is a documentary and portrait photographer based in Manchester, and holds a BA (hons) in Photography from Manchester Metropolitan University. Her practice is centred around her fascination with people, place, memory and time. Dipper works predominantly with analogue photography, emphatic of the personal and autobiographical elements that reoccur throughout her practice. She has shown work in exhibitions across England, as well as in Rennes, France, and was featured in British Journal of Photography and Portrait of Britain 2019.Liam Ratcliffe is a freelance and fine art photographer based in Glossop/Manchester, UK. A 2018 graduate of The University of Salford with a BA Hons in Photography. He has a diverse practice, ranging from; Portraiture, Lifestyle to Landscape, with his predominant work ‘Glossop’ which he has been working on since 2017 while a student and continued into 2020.Joshua Turner is a fine art photographer adopting poetic structure to create narratives that contemplate the symbiosis between the landscape and the individual; often developed from a psychological perspective. Investigation into the individual's interaction with landscapes offers an intricate perspective from which to navigate social and cultural themes and issues. The imagery is built on a documentary framework that explores both indexical trace and thematic fragment to provide insight into narrative.