• Hobson's Choice - captioned by Stagetext

  • Wed, 26-06-2019 at 19:30
  • Royal Exchange Theatre
    St Ann's Square
    M2 7DH Manchester
Hobson's Choice - captioned by Stagetext - Royal Exchange Theatre - Manchester

Hobson's Choice - captioned by StagetextTanika gupta’s sparkling new version of this classic 1916 comedy finds a new home amid the 1980s Ugandan-Asian rag trade.‘It’s a man’s world and you girls should keep within your boundaries and do as you’re told’If tailor Hari Hobson isn’t bossing his daughters about in his Northern Quarter workshop, he’s putting the world to rights in his local pub. His oldest daughter, Durga, is the brains behind the operation. But when Hobson says that Durga is too valuable to lose and must give up all idea of getting married, she takes her fate into her own hands and opens a rival shop nearby. Cutting through generational divides, it shows that in family life, some stories never get old – and some things never change.