• Oval live at Soup Kitchen

  • Wed, 14-08-2019 at 19:30
  • Soup Kitchen
    31-33 Spear Street
    M1 1DF Manchester
Oval live at Soup Kitchen - Soup Kitchen - Manchester

Soup Kitchen are delighted to present OVAL (Official)+ support Pioneering glitch producer Markus Popp makes a rare visit to Manchester! Trailblazing glitch masterpieces (1990s), delicate, hyperreal, futuristic post-rock vignettes (after 2010) and now abstract club bangers with a twist – Markus Popp aka Oval continues to be one of the most prolific, influential forces in contemporary electronic music, a true visionary of digital audio and beyond .Every Oval album is a different, shape-shifting celebration of innovation, skill & sensibility. In an age of shallow spectacle, M. Popp just keeps on reinventing music – merging uncompromising high tech with compelling musicality. He is distinctly doing his own thing, yet always enthusiastically dealing with the “now”. No one out there plays the computer quite like him.- https://oval.bandcamp.com/