• Why Vegans Are So Annoying - Talk by Alex Bez with Q&A

  • Wed, 14-08-2019 at 19:00
  • The Yard Theatre, Hulme
    41 Old Birley St
    M15 5RF Manchester
Why Vegans Are So Annoying - Talk by Alex Bez with Q&A - The Yard Theatre, Hulme - Manchester

Find out what is behind society's perception that vegans are annoying, what motivates some vegans to be really annoying, and how annoying others can sometimes lead to positive results (and other times to quite negative ones).Alex Bez is the director and founder of the non-profit organization, Amazing Vegan Outreach, and he is a certified Kingian Nonviolence facilitator. Alex has organized disruptions, animal rescues, slaughterhouse investigations, and helped start animal rights groups in over 20 countries around the world.Join us as Alex shares stories from both the civil rights and animal rights movements highlighting the power of nonviolent, love-based, activism. The talk will be approximately one hour long, followed by 60 minutes of Q and A.Drinks and snacks will be provided.There is no fee to attend.Donations are appreciated to help cover costs.