• Drone Yoga Special: Modular live track + Gong Bath (AHRKH)

  • Tue, 02-07-2019 at 19:30
  • Drone Yoga
    19 Cheetham Hill Road
    M4 4FY Manchester
Drone Yoga Special: Modular live track + Gong Bath (AHRKH) - Drone Yoga - Manchester

For this special 1.5 hour event, AHRKH will sound track our full yoga practice using Modular Synthesiser, Loopers and voice, incorporating Meditation / Asana. Our usual hour of practice will be followed by a 30 minute Gong Bath for deep relaxation and restoration.This beginners / intermediate yoga session will take you through a linked series of postures set to match the rhythms of the music.Higher price than normal due the longer session and extra capacity required to run the event. 1/3 split of takings between Partisan / Drone Yoga / AHRKH.Suggested price:Unwaged - £5.00Low wage - £7.50Medium wage - £10.00Solidarity - £12.50'Transcend your immediate headspace, and float into a realm of Oceanic Boundlessness expanding your practice from the mat, to a deeper, higher and wider state of being with us.’’ -AHRKHA little about the artist….AHRKH is the solo project of A P Macarte, current multi-instrumentalist member of Salford's critically acclaimed noise experimentalists GNOD. Using Modular synthesiser, field recordings and voice, and often paired with video, light manipulation and visual collaborations, AHRKH explores the relationship between sound and vision, and their ability to invoke altered states, to touch the intangible within us and transcend our present reality, or in his own words “Traverse the infinite aural/astral panorama and ultra-dimensional transportation methods via sound”.Informed by meditation practice, vedic philosophies and studies in sound therapy and healing, paired with forward thinking electronics, noise, minimalism and ambient loops, with AHRKH Macarte creates what boomkat have described as "Slow burning vocal loops and drone manipulations, scoping internal panoramas of brooding raincloud tones, coruscating half-lit amplifier worship and midnight devotionals, recalling traces of everyone from Loren Conners to Barn Owl”. Primarily a live performance project performing in the UK, Europe and USA, alongside luminaries, and peers alike, for the past year AHRKH/Macarte has been expanding his sonic scope into the Therapeutic realms of sound, currently studying at the British Academy of Sound Therapy, one of the most highly regarding and prestigious institutions in the field. AHRKH Also hosts a monthly radio show “Golden Ratio Frequencies” on NTS Radio and runs a micro-label of the same name releasing music of “Vibratory” nature.