• Manchester Coffee Archive #8 - All the Honey

  • Tue, 03-12-2019 at 18:30
  • Takk
    6 Tariff Street
    M1 2FF Manchester
Manchester Coffee Archive #8 - All the Honey - Takk - Manchester

Manchester Coffee Archive presents a lineup of honey processed coffeeHoney Process is a way of processing coffee cherries in which some of the mucilage (goo) is left on the coffee seeds (the "beans") during the drying process. Pulped natural or semi-washed processing refers to the same kind of process. There are various types of honey processing, which relate to how much cherry goo is left on the seeds: white, yellow, red and black honey process refer to this.We have collected all the examples of honey processed coffees we have been able to get hold of over the past year, from producers and roasters all over the world. Freezing coffee has allowed us to collect these over time, and we want to share them with you.Roasters! If you currently have a honey processed coffee on offer that you would like to share on the tasting table, please get in touch. Information on how to contribute coffee to MCA is on our website.MCA events are inclusive of all ranges of experiences, so whether you are a coffee enthusiast, a coffee professional or just have a casual interest in trying something new, come and join us as we taste some coffees!��⁣If you would like to bring a coffee you are currently enjoying at home, please bring it wish you and we will add a sample to the Archive. It doesn't need to fit this event's theme and will be used in future events (more info below)�How to support the Manchester Coffee Archive's future events:�The most direct way you can get involved with MCA is by submitting a sample (15g or 30g) of distinctive single origin coffee, within 30 days of roast, which will be added to the freezer Archive.You can share your coffees you are enjoying by post, drop your samples off in person, or bring them to the next event. If you like, you can also know what coffee samples you will be contributing ahead of time, by filling out our online form (it's more fun than it sounds, and saves on admin on the night)Learn more about MCA at:http://manchestercoffeearchive.com