• Æ & The Peer Hat Presents: MIFFF’d

  • Fri, 19-07-2019 at 18:00
  • The Peer Hat
    14-16 Faraday Street
    M1 1BE Manchester
Æ & The Peer Hat Presents: MIFFF’d - The Peer Hat - Manchester

Manchester is a gnostic city, it’s people and culture tied rigorously to the spectacular notion that they are workers participating in a great and benign plan.And yet... those lovely, endangered and oh so crucial bees are also prisoners of fate... Drones. This idea is put forth by many, from the town planners, to the millionaire bar owners looking for an easy piece of advertising, to the banks, those perennial villains of the modern age. Archons, in control the symbolic identity of apeople. Strong currency for an age when identity is considered by many to be the first line of battle, the first hill that is died upon.In the spirit of the Cathars, the Zoroastrians, the Albigensians, the Communards, the Unions, the men and women that died in The Peterloo Massacre, the Punks, the Queers and indeed, Old Scratch itself, The Peer Hat offers an antidote.Our City, is its people: is fluid, is majestic, is ugly, is terrifying.During the three weeks of International Festivities, we offer the opportunity to lift the stone from the soil and expose the beautiful,crawling monstrosity, that is Underground Manchester.