• Introduction to Fermentation

  • Thu, 26-03-2020 at 18:30
  • Pollen Bakery
    8 New Union Street
    M4 6FQ Manchester
Introduction to Fermentation - Pollen Bakery - Manchester

Why Ferment?Historically the fermentation technique was used as a way of preserving foods and drinks long before the days of refrigeration.During the process, microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast or fungi convert organic compounds - such as sugars and starch - into alcohol or acids which act as natural preservatives. The process produces quite a distinctive, strong, slightly sour flavours.With the ever-increasing link between the health of the gut and overall health of the individual the consumption of foods and drinks that have undergone fermentation have benefits that stretch beyond food preservation. If optimising your diet and your health is something that interests you then fermented foods may be a missing piece of the puzzle.What Will I Learn?This 3 hour workshop offer an educational, science-based, hands on and most importantly delicious insight into the role fermented foods can play in your life.You will learn how and why fermented foods are beneficial to your health, how to incorporate them into your diet and how to make your own at home.We will make:- Traditional Sauerkraut- Lacto-fermented Vegetables- Vegan Nut Cheese- KombuchaThe 3 hour workshop includes: - Education of the role fermented foods have played throughout history - Practical guidance on to make a selection of fermented foods- Bottles and containers to take your creations home in- Q&A session - A free ebook that contains all of the recipes and information from the workshopWhat Do I Need To Bring?Everything will be provided however you should bring a sturdy bag to take home your fermented foods.