• Weird Wines of the World - Wines of Hungary

  • Thu, 18-07-2019 at 19:00
  • Manchester Wine School
    Various venue in Manchester City Centre
    M1 5LE Manchester
Weird Wines of the World - Wines of Hungary - Manchester Wine School - Manchester

Hungary the best-kept secret of the old wine world was once of the most important wine producers in Europe. Every well to do household and royal court in Europe devoured glasses of luscious gold Tokaji wine.So why don’t we see more Hungarian wine today? Two world wars, 40 years closed off to communism but also an aggressive assault of phylloxera in the 1880's (the microscopic louse which destroys grapevines by attacking their roots) all sadly played their part.But Hungary is back, not that it every really went away! Numerous small estates situated across the whole country are producing some beautiful wines. The fresh wines of Eger, the historic golden delights of Tokaj, the gorgeous reds of Villány, and the minerally whites of Somló:The mix of traditional winemaking with a modern tastes plus 22 wine regions growing hundreds of varieties, the country offers a multitude of great wines to explore.So if you want to see what this exciting and historic force in wine has to offer join us for this one off tasting.Tasting notes and some cheese and crackers to nibble on are provided.Great value at £27.50 for a chance to try something different and new.Looking for more "Weird Wines of the World" to try? This tasting forms part of a 4 Week course also taking in Georgia, Japan and a Natural Wine tasting. The course starts on 4th July with this Georgia tasting - click here to book all 4 and save!