• Cinderella Ballroom Group Ballet Workshop

  • Fri, 20-03-2020 at 19:30
  • Luton Community Ballet
    Hightown Community Sports & Arts Centre
    LU2 0JD Luton
Cinderella Ballroom Group Ballet Workshop - Luton Community Ballet - Luton

We will learn the ballroom Scene when Cinderella meets the Prince and has to leave at 12. It includes a big group dance and plenty of people on stage. Every role (bar the fairy) will be needed. £10.00Everyone welcome, all levels. You can come dressed for the occasion, it's a ballroom dance at the end of the day :) Always good to pay in advance, less time taking payments on the day, means more time dancing.I am looking to seeing you there and have a dance with you. You shall go to the ball!