• Papa Loko: Resonance with Suiss, Othon & TiGoX

  • Sat, 09-11-2019 at 23:30
  • Studio 9294
    92-94 Wallis Road
    E9 5LN London
Papa Loko: Resonance with Suiss, Othon & TiGoX - Studio 9294 - London

The Resonance IntentionBehind the wondrous work of art that is our universe, there is a Supreme Genderless Artist that constantly creates. Every time the Artist creates something, They leave a holographic part of Themselves on each creation. So each piece of the creation is a part of the Great Artist and has the inherent potential to become itself a powerful creator.We are all creators and we are all artists. Our primal work of art is our life. We can create a beautiful rich life or a mediocre, even ugly life. Through our thoughts, emotions, vibrations,choices and actions, we are constantly shaping our single most important artwork on this Earth.The universal law of resonance allows tiny specks of dust, like ourselves, to consciously align with the Supreme Genderless Artist, transforming into powerful creators in the process. Through the deep and continuous practice of meditation, we gradually remove our self-created layers of dirt and as we do so, we come closer to realising our true divine nature. We begin to resonate with the whole of creation! The consciousness of the Supreme Genderless Artist becomes our consciousness and Their toolbox, our toolbox. All love, all joy, all power and healing exists in this Cosmic Toolbox and we can all access it through the medium of Resonance. We just need to work unceasingly, like the ever-creating Artist, tuning and retuning ourselves so our dance becomes Dance, our will becomes Will and our love becomes Love.Then our life will turn to Life too, a sublime, powerful and momentous work of Art, totally worthwhile creating!New Venue: Studio 9294 in Hackney WickAfter our summer residency at The Cause, we are excited to announce that for Resonance we will be moving to yet a different venue and one that has been on our radar for a while. Studio 9294, which recently installed a fantastically clean and powerful D&b sound system, comes with a beautiful terrace by the canal, offering us a great new space for sonic immersion and lunaradventures!Cosmic, Ethereal & Tribal VibesFollowing a smashing set by Suiss (Outta Limits ) at July’s Papa Loko: Power of Intention, we have decided to welcome him back to the UK from his busy touring schedule, bringing his high energy, emotive and tribal sound once more to the party. Suiss has presented his sets in major venues, clubs and festivals across the globe such as Cat & Dog TLV, Baba Beach Club, Halfmoon Festival, Dreambeats Festival, Eden Garden, Peace & Love Festival, Guys Bar, Hangar 11, Clara Tel Aviv, Alcatraz Milano, Lost Paradise Koh Phangan and many others.Multifaceted artist and Papa Loko/ Conscious Expansion founder Othon and our beloved TiGoX (aka Giuseppe Gallo) will be bringing their own special blend of transcendent techno and electronic sound.New ticketing system and pricingTo make Papa Loko more sustainable for the amount of work we put into it and as we explore new venues, new sound systems and continue to realise new concepts, we have decided to change our ticket and pricing system slightly to make it more viable. There will still be the Early Bird Tickets for £8 and a 1st Release for £10, followed by a 2nd Release of £12.50 and a final 3rd Release of £15. Tickets on the door will be £18. We will still keep the Loko Familia scheme for those of you who truly cannot afford a ticket. As always, please be honest and transparent with us as we are with you :)The Field GroupFollowing a couple of powerful Field Group gatherings during our summer events, we are bringing the cosmic, expansive and soul-connecting vibe of our spiritual practice-group in our autumnal night residency too. Before we allow the beat to take over our bodies, some of us will gather to purify, meditate, visualise, chant, pray and work on Resonance, the main practice and intention for the night.Together we will continue building our energetic bodies, individually and collectively, constantly upgrading and transforming ourselves, Papa Loko and alive along the way. If the Field Group STRONGLY appeals to you and wish to be part of this blazing vehicle of God, write to us and will do what we can to welcome you 💜PLEASE BRING ID WITH YOU TO ENTER!!!'Loko Familia’ SchemeIn our vision for a constantly evolving and utopian party experience, we are continuing to give the possibility to those who cannot afford to party with us a chance to do it. So, there will be an allocated number of 20 free tickets, which will be given to those of you who are truly not able to pay the advance entry from Resident Advisor. Please let us know by Facebook message and we will try to help.Come as You Are and Leave as You Would Like to Be