• Raw Cheese Power x Orbit Beers

  • Thu, 16-05-2019 at 17:00
  • Cock Tavern
    315 Mare Street
    E8 1EJ London
Raw Cheese Power x Orbit Beers - Cock Tavern - London

Beer List - WLS026 Feat. Square Root Soda ‘Earl Grey’ Pale - 4.5%The guys at Square Root Soda from Hackney approached us with an idea they had to make a version of their famous shandy which mirrored an ice-t! We kept up our end of the bargain by using wonderful, seasonal Calabrian Bergamot to recreate the flavours of Earl Grey tea in our beer. Square Root then took a whole load of the beer and blended it back with their speciality, in house syrups, fruits and tea from Good and Proper Tea to create a wonderful non-alcoholic ice-t style shandy! Available separately. Tasting Notes:Hugely aromatic from the Calabrian Bergamot rind backed up by Citra and Mandarina hops providing bright citrus flavours. The main sensory compound of citrus fruits, that give you that big zesty aroma is Linalool. Coriander seed has an insanely high level of linalool in it, so using a subtle amount of ground coriander seed at the end of the boil acts as a turbo-boost nitro-blast for the citrus aroma from the Citra and Mandarina hops. The beer is light bodied right through to make this a hugely refreshing pale ale, finishing dry and quenchingly bitter! Look out too for the Square Root Shandy made using this beer!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WLS027 Feat. Chapter Brewing Saison Wolf 6.2%Style, Origins and ideas:Collaboration with Chapter Brewing (Liverpool, UK). Noah, owner of Chapter, used to help Paul with brew days at Mad Hatter Brew Co, and eventually was inspired to open his own brewery. This is Paul & Noah’s 2nd collab, the 1st was ‘Roadside Picnic’, a celery berliner weisse. Recently, Noah & Pauly saw a gig by kickass Japanese garage-punk legends, GUITAR WOLF, and decided to brew a kickass saison with Styrian Wolf hops called SAISON WOLF! Using the Saison DuPont yeast strain.Tasting Notes:Appearance - golden orange, effervescent white head. High carbonation (2.6vol)Aroma - fruity esters and spicy clove-like phenols from the yeast. Mango, elderflower, coconut, lemongrass, violet, & rose from the hops.Mouthfeel - dry and moderately bitter.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WLS024Weizen Doppelbock 8.5%Style, Origins and ideas: WLS024 is a luxurious mahogany coloured Wheat Beer brewed in homage to Schneider Weisse Tap 6.Aromas of dried stone fruits (raisin, fig, date), mild clove and bubblegum, caramelised bananas & freshly baked bread emanate from the glass. In the mouth it’s full bodied with a smooth & rounded mouthfeel and caramel sweetness balanced by a delicate touch of acidity. A warming finish makes this a perfect, fireside beer.Tasting Notes:Appearance: Dark ruby / mahogany, hazy/cloudy (from wheat yeast), tight & thin off-white head, lively carbonation.Aroma: fruity - caramelised bananas, dried stonefruits (raisin, fig, date), burnt sugar, mild clove-like spice, bubblegum phenolics, freshly baked bread, chocolate.Taste: full-bodied velvety malt, smooth & rounded mouthfeel, caramel sweetness, light acidity, warming alcohol finish.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WLS029South Islander NZIPA 6.5%Style, Origins and ideas: Inspired by Brewer Toby’s recent trip to his New Zealand homeland, and utilising a yearly blend of NZ aroma hops called Orbit - the serendipity of this brew was too good to pass up.Tasting Notes:Pale yellow colour. Foamy white head. Aroma of lemon & lime citrus, tropical fruits, resinous pine. Strong, assertive bitterness. Grainy malt with light caramel notes. Medium malty mouthfeel. Medium to dry finish with lingering bitterness. Medium carbonation (2.4 vol).Plus our four core beers - Nico / Ivo / Peel / Dead WaxAll the Cheese from Raw Cheese Power