• Sock It To Me

  • Sat, 09-11-2019 at 22:00
  • Venue MOT Unit 18
    Unit 18
    SE14 5RT London
Sock It To Me - Venue MOT Unit 18 - London

Every ticket comes with a limited edition pair of "Sock It To Me" socks designed by the one and only Dr Banana. They will be handed out at the night and will not be available for delivery after the rave.--------------------------------------------It’s Saturday night and Paul is picking up his order of 5000 polystyrene trays from Benny’s Food Packaging at The Orion Business Centre. Paul has kept the shop open late because Paul’s family has been buying trays from him for years.It’s been a rough day. The extractor fan at the family kebab shop has spluttered to a stop and getting it repaired will cost him the same as a whole new system. As soon as he turns on the grill, the whole shop fills with smoke and leaving the doors open on such a cold wet November night is not an option.“Frankly it won’t make much difference if I am closed or stay open”, thinks Paul. The increasingly young local crowd is repulsed by the spinning stick of meat in the window and they simply walk away when he can’t provide their favourite a wrap of their favourite, revolting squeaky cheese.Paul thanks Benny who is getting into his van and he dashes to his own 1999 Vauxhall Astra. The convertible roof is leaking but it’s not worth fixing. Feet now soaking wet, he sits in the driver’s seat. She won’t start, again. He pulls out his phone and watches as the screen goes dark. No battery. He slams the horn in frustration.As he gets out a group of young squeaky-cheese types are leaping between the dry patches on the now waterlogged entrance to the business park.“Sick car mate” one of them says, “proper ’99 UKG stylings”. It’s a phrase that sounds a little weird given his home-counties accent. Regardless, Paul has no idea what he has said but he stops him and asks if he can borrow the young-man’s phone. He says, “sure but let’s get to the entrance of the club, we’ll get soaked out here”.They dash a hundred meters up the street to the entrance of a building called MOT Venue, Unit 18 where yet more squeaky-cheese types are assembling. “What’s going on here?” asks Paul.The lanky young man shakes out his umbrella and says, “it’s a club night being run by these four DJs. Normally, promoters have to pay DJs to come and play at their parties but since these guys are running it, they’re putting money into the party.”Paul looks quizzically at the young man as they walk into the hallway. “So the party is called Sock It To Me, and everyone person gets a free pair of limited edition Dr Banana socks with their ticket.”Paul has no idea what a Banana Doctor is and he can instantly see the sock-based marketing strategy for the empty husk that it is. “Typical squeaky-cheese wankers” he thinks.He asks the young man to use his phone but just at that moment, the people in the queue ahead are handed their own Banana Doctor socks and the door to the main room is opened for them. The noise from the main room is deafening and the young man does not hear Paul’s question.The door closes again and the hallway is quiet once again. He looks at the pile of admittedly stylish socks and feels the water squelching between his toes.He pauses.“How much is it to get in?”