• Stephen Hawking, Black Holes and how scientists study

  • Tue, 15-05-2018 at 18:00
  • Victoria Gallery and Museum
    Ashton Street
    L69 3DR Liverpool
Stephen Hawking, Black Holes and how scientists study - Victoria Gallery and Museum - Liverpool

The late Professor Stephen Hawking has made exceptional contributions to modern science. In this lecture, Dr Thomas Mohaupt and Professor Carsten Welsch, both of the University of Liverpool, will delve into Professor Hawking’s life and work, presenting some of the most important discoveries he has made. Looking at how scientists study questions related to the beginning of the universe through particle accelerators, the lecture will also explain how these 'atom smashers' benefit society, particularly through advanced cancer treatment techniques. Together, Dr Mohaupt and Professor Welsch will explore the impact this fundamental research has on everyday life, while looking at the goals and limitations of science.This event is part of Open House 2018 – a five-day festival of talks, performances, exhibitions and interactive experiences showcasing great ideas, knowledge and culture.

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