• Heat at Odeon Liverpool ONE

  • Sun, 19-05-2019 at 18:00
  • ODEON Liverpool One
    14 Paradise Street
    L1 8JF Liverpool
Heat at Odeon Liverpool ONE - ODEON Liverpool One - Liverpool

Michael Mann has often elevated genre cinema into the realm of high art. From his debut heist flick 'Thief' to his tech blockbuster 'Blackhat', he has married the hallmarks of crime films with a distinctive, even experimental aesthetic. In May, BestInFilm.co.uk is launching a retrospective of Michael Mann's entire filmography, delving into all 11 movies he has directed since his career began in the 1980s. In conjunction with our Mann season, we will be bringing the filmmaker's magnum opus 'Heat' to the big screen at Odeon Liverpool ONE.It is impossible to overstate the impact 'Heat' has had on popular culture since its release in 1995. Christopher Nolan cited it as a source of inspiration for his 'The Dark Knight' trilogy, for instance, and there are many nods to the movie in the video game 'Grand Theft Auto V'. The film is a three-hour crime epic which pits hotshot LAPD investigator Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino) against career criminal Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro). In doing so, 'Heat' facilitates a sparring match between two of the greatest screen actors of their generation as the protagonists discover an unexpected spiritual connection amid their cat-and-mouse chase.Unlike many action films of the 1990s, Michael Mann did something entirely new with 'Heat'. The movie combines its thrills with an ambitious take on the relativity of good and evil, and is delivered with both a melancholic atmosphere and complex characterisations. All the while, 'Heat' is just as bombastic, if not more bombastic, than any other crime film produced in its era. It's a sprawling narrative with almost 20 major characters and featuring at least two of cinema's most exciting action set pieces of all time.Seeing 'Heat' on the big screen is a simply unmissable experience.