• Bido100! presents: Pow Wow!

  • Fri, 07-06-2019 at 18:30
  • Bluecoat
    School Lane
    L1 3BX Liverpool
Bido100! presents: Pow Wow! - Bluecoat - Liverpool

Held within the iconic surroundings of The Bluecoat and part of the bido100! programme, POW WOW! will be a unique discursive event where Bido Lito! will host a debate on the key issues, challenges, opportunities and changes we will be contending with in 2028.The event will feature the first of what is set to be an annual Roger Eagle Memorial Lecture and will be conducted by the inimitable BILL DRUMMOND. An opportunity to shine a focus on one of our city’s most enduring musical forces, this annual lecture will invite an artist to explore a topic they see as pressing today, but also in keeping with the spirit of Roger Eagle. Who better to give the inaugural lecture than Bill Drummond, who’s unique character and perspective was shaped by Roger during his informative Eric’s period. The evening will also host the Pow Wow! Discussion, featuring representatives from the worlds of art, politics and journalism casting their minds forward to what the world has in store for our creative future.And, the inaugural Bido Lito! Community Members’ Forum will see our members come together to shape the agenda the magazine will pursue, as part of our continuing drive towards community-focused journalism. About bido100!To mark the publication of our 100th issue Bido Lito! will be taking the opportunity to look forwards rather than backwards, asking the following question: what will be the key issues and challenges, opportunities and changes we’ll be grappling with in 2028? Through a series of projects, bido100! will explore our fast-paced and unpredictable tech-laced future and look to learn what we can do differently today to help shape a better, creative tomorrow.https://www.bidolito.co.uk/bido100/