• Constellations Liv Vintage Vera KILO SALE!

  • Sun, 12-05-2019 at 10:30
  • Constellations
    35-39 Greenland Street
    L10BS Liverpool
Constellations Liv Vintage Vera KILO SALE! - Constellations - Liverpool

THE VINTAGE VERA KILO CLOTHING SALE IS JOINING FORCES WITH CONSTELLATIONS TO PRESENT THE BEST VINTAGE KILO SALE ON SUNDAY 12th MAY!AMAZING GRADE A VINTAGE CLOTHING, ALL SOLD FOR £15 PER KILO ALL WHILST LISTENING TO SOME BANGING BEATS FROM LOCAL DJ's (FULL DJ LIST TBA SOON)FIND SUCH BRANDS AS ADIDAS, RALPH LAUREN, LACOSTE, PUMA, NIKE, NORTH FACE, LEVIS, UNIQUE VINTAGE PIECES AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! ALL OUR EVENTS ARE FREE TO ENTER, NO TICKET REQUIRED. SO HAVE A BEER, DO SOME SHOPPING, LISTEN TO THE BEATS AND ENJOY.😎🌈🤩👌🏾🔥Doors open at 10.30am with last entrance at 4.00pm.HOW DOES IT WORK?🔹Browse our amazing selection of vintage clothing👕👖👗🔸Pick what you like and take it to a weigh station⚖️🔹Pay for the amount you've picked💸💸🔸Leave happy!!😁👍🏼SO HOW MUCH DOES A KILO WEIGH IS SOMETHING WE GET ASKED ALL THE TIME. A kilo is a bag of sugar, or maybe 2 sweat shirts, or 3 flannel shirts or 7 summer dresses or 5 retro football shirts or a denim jacket or 2 pairs of dungarees.....BUT YOU MIX AND MATCH WHAT EVER YOU WANT!AND NO YOU DONT NEED TO BUY A FULL KILO....IF ALL YOU WANT IS A SINGLE TEE SHIRT, WELL THATS COOL AND WILL COST ROUGHLY £3.00....LOOK OUT FOR THE COMPETITIONS THAT WILL GIVE 3 LUCKY WINNERS A FREE KILO EACH!WE TAKE CARD PAYMENTS, WE TAKE CASH PAYMENTS, WE TAKE APPLEPAY💳💷Doors open at 10.30am, but we recommend getting in early to have first dibs. New stock will be put out all day but for sure some gems will be found early on! See you soon🐶