• Atari Teenage Riot / Lone Taxidermist: BodyVice / Shackleton

  • Fri, 03-04-2020 at 19:00
  • Invisible Wind Factory
    3 Regent Road
    L3 7DS Liverpool
Atari Teenage Riot / Lone Taxidermist: BodyVice / Shackleton - Invisible Wind Factory - Liverpool

Shining Splice & IWF present...ATARI TEENAGE RIOT //ATARI TEENAGE RIOT REPRESENTS THE MOST RADICAL AND DARK SIDE OF DIGITAL CULTURE. ONE FOOT IN THE INTERNATIONAL HACKER SCENE, THE OTHER IN MUSIC…Many renowned artists have embraced ATR for over two decades including Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl, Björk, Trent Reznor, Rage Against The Machine, Steve Aoki and Skrillex.When ATR’s leader Alec Empire created the group’s ‘Digital Hard-core’ sound in 1992 in the Berlin techno underground, he combined the most powerful elements of techno, punk, and hip hop subsequently, disrupting music scenes around the world for years to come.The band has toured globally; from South East Asia to South America to The USA; Canada to Iceland to Mexico to Israel.Radio legend John Peel was the first in the 90s to push Alec Empire’s music in his weekly radio shows on the BBC and helped to establish it worldwide. When The Beastie Boys released the Atari Teenage Riot album “Burn Berlin Burn!” in 1997, it reached gold status in the US with ATR subsequently touring with Rage Against The Machine, Wu Tang Clan, Beck, Moby, Ministry, and Nine Inch Nails.Atari Teenage Riot’s strength has always been their huge live show. The band creates a tremendous energy on stage that is not matched by any other electronic music act. Achieving their unique sound armed only with an Atari 1040ST computer. They apply the hacker’s mindset to music, digitising the spirit of punk. LONE TAXIDERMIST: BODYVICE //BodyVice is a new project by Natalie Sharp (Lone Taxidermist)“Your body is a sensory device, each sense can be manipulated / modulated and played like an instrument. You are both superhuman and human-synthesis. The layers of your anatomy come to represent a process or modulation of how you can be played.”BodyVice takes a biological and computational approach to sound art, investigating how chronic pain (experienced by the artist) can be communicated through hypermedia; combining the art forms of sound art, wearable and playable body sculptures, interactive video and performance.Natalie is working alongside sound artist Tara Pattenden, aka Phantom Chips, to create electronic micro controller body-instruments (skinstruments) and multi-instrumentalist Tida Bradshaw. BodyVice identifies with establishing interfaces between the human body and technology to create new sensory zones between performer and audience, promising to be a mind boggling episode of industrial spandex and lactose noise. SHACKLETON //One of the most influential and uncompromising figures in exploratory bass music culture, who with his recent work has become a genuine polymath.Shackleton’s singularly hypnotic, psychedelic and industrially-charged sound now permeates a catalogue of live band projects and collaborations, adding yet more stylistic breadth and weight to his storied repertoire. From the bedrock of the pioneering Skull Disco imprint he established with APPLEBLIM - promptly pulling the shutters after ten prime 12-inches in 2009 - and the seminal Fabric mix that followed shortly after, Shackleton has been zig-zagging in increasingly adventurous musical directions, using prolific output on Honest Jon’s and his own WOE TO THE SEPTIC HEART label to hone a musical lexicon that has his customarily subtle serialist motifs, dazzling rhythmic tessellations and irrefutably dread, post-industrial low-end scored through its DNA...all in service to sonic atmospheres that only one hand could author.”Shackleton’s work sounds like ritual music from another dimension” – Resident Advisor“The work of an experimental composer more so than a dance producer...shares headspace with British masters of spleen like Nurse With Wound and Coil” - PitchforkTickets on sale 10am Monday 3rd of Feb