• Speakeasy Bootleg Band at The Caledonia Thurs 5th March 9pm

  • Thu, 05-03-2020 at 21:00
  • The Caledonia
    22 Caledonia Street
    L7 7DX Liverpool
Speakeasy Bootleg Band at The Caledonia Thurs 5th March 9pm - The Caledonia - Liverpool

It's Thursday 5th March we have to speculate if George Westinghouse (the famous US engineer) was able to fortell the future when on this day in 1872, he patented the triple air brake for trains. The question must be asked because a mere 63 years later, on the same date, the aptly named Louis E. Ballast secured a patent on the cheeseburger, thereby massively increasing the demand on US railway braking systems. Anyway, enough of this wild conjecture as it's also the day when the SBB Bootleg Booze Train comes steaming back into Liverpool's iconic Caledonia (L7 7DX) for our monthly session of fun, frolics and musical Bogsnorkelling. As well as superb music, the beer's brilliant too ..... and the food's a legend in its own lunchtime. So hop off at the Cali, have your tea, drink your way along the bar and round things off with a liberal helping of the Finest Quality Bootleg Music Since Records Began.... There's loads of floor space too, so turn up in droves, dance away your blues and ram the place to the doors. It's a tall ceiling so you can stand on each other's shoulders, jump up and down, sing, shout, drink beer and Fill Yer Boots. We kick off about 9PM and play until the last man standing falls over..... https://www.speakeasybootlegband.com