• Brilliant Relationships, May Tour, LIVERPOOL

  • Sat, 11-05-2019 at 14:00
  • St Stephens Church Hall
    Woolton Road
    L15 6TB Liverpool
Brilliant Relationships, May Tour, LIVERPOOL - St Stephens Church Hall - Liverpool

Creating harmonious relationships is what this May Tour is all about. Using the SoundWave we will guide you through a unique evening out offering you the opportunity to go on your own personal journey exploring the origins and dynamics of relating with yourself, and ultimately those around you. Potentially life changing; this truly is a one off experience.Tour dates:May 2nd, 7.30-9.30pm. The Kiln Room, Farnham Maltings, SurreyMay 11th, 2-4pm. St Stephen’s Church hall, Woollen Road, LiverpoolMay 12th, 1-3pm, Calm@Churchfarm, Thurstaston, WirralMay 13th, 6.30-8.30pm. The Rainham Centre, Barnoldswick, LancashireMay 16th, 7-9pm. Baby Moon, Guisborough, ClevelandMay 17th, 7-9pm. Victoria Hall, SettleMay 18th, 1-3pm. Atlantis Spiritual Centre, EnfieldMay 24th, Mind Body Spirit Festival, LondonMay 26th, Mind Body Spirit Festival, LondonJune 2nd, Harmony Centre, Walpole, SuffolkJune 15th, Manchester tbcJune 16th, Baby Moon, Guisborough, Cleveland 10-12amWhat is SoundMedicine? In a nutshell SoundMedicine is using sound and tones to create deep relaxation, where by participants can undo negative emotions/memories and therefore release anything that maybe holding them back or causing them to repeat negative behaviour patterns. Mr & Mrs Brilliant’s SoundWave� is a development of a standard sound bath. A sound bath is where practitioners typically use Tibetan & crystal bowls and gongs to create a wash of sound that listeners ‘bath in’. In a Brilliant SoundWave� event, we draw on our musical training and practice of 60+ years combined to actively narrate a Sound Healing journey; much like a skilled surfer rides the waves.We work with Mantra; reworking and inventing new melodies with these ancient prayers and using their phonetic rhythms as structures to create sonic dreams scapes, holding this together with Laura’s voice and Gareth’s harping. Of course the gongs and bowls are a prominent feature of the SoundWaves as the vibrations of these instruments also induce a deeply relaxing state of being. Who is this for?These kinds of event suit many people from those who are seeking ways to relax and introduce calm in their days to people needing resolution to very painful events in their life or are looking for support with life-transformation. It is a therapy more than concert, however there is a cross-over and being time-served professional musicians we make sure that we hold the stage/space impeccably.Physicists created a term “String Theory”, the notion that we are living in a universe that is made of sound and vibration. Mr and Mrs Brilliant believe that we all have the power to create and transform the world we live in with our words, sounds and actions and what better way to transform ourselves than with the very thing of which we are made.From this perspective, music really can change the world!Our purpose is to accentuate the positive in the world, drawing to the surface kindness, compassion, generosity, good humour, warmth of character, truth, valour and honour and the desire and determination to live a peaceful life. Mr Brilliant (aka Gareth) is a Harper, Jazz pianist and Body-worker with interests in vibrational medicine and shamanic practice.Mrs Brilliant (aka Laura) is an Opera singer with international standing as well as being a yogi, yoga teacher and therapist, Esalen Body-worker, and Sound Healer.A few testimonials from customers:“Mr & Mrs Brilliant are as the name suggests! Mrs Brilliant awoke my heart this spring, to the healing power of sound - when I heard her voice, with Mr Brilliant's harp. I was transported into a deep meditation today in Birmingham too, with a debut song they shared on the stage. I was also deeply honoured to share a photo moment with them - on the day Tim Wheater discovered just how brilliant they are! Much love to you both - this sound is the closest you'll get to hearing angels �