• 12 Keys

  • Sat, 11-05-2019 at 20:00
  • Upstairs at the Western
    70 Western Road
    LE30GA Leicester
12 Keys - Upstairs at the Western - Leicester

The story line starts with an introduction about constellations to set the mood and prepare the viewer to experience the world of zodiacs. The opening scene starts with somebody on the stage being imprisoned inside no ordinary cage. The character desperately tries to get out of the cage, but is incapable of such an action. In his rescue, the zodiac signs appear one by one, with magical keys trying to unlock the cage and figure out what has happened, how to help. However when the keys fail to do the job, they have to get more creative in their owns ways. Each zodiac signs tries to set the character free in a way which is significant with each sign’s characteristic traits. The final will reveal who is in the cage, how did he get it there and which zodiac signs method or key will be the most successful.£PWYW